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Some examples of monster races. This is 100% real, we swear.

As part of the option to roleplay within Belegarth, participants are encouraged to choose a race. There are dozens of races within the sport, although some are much older and much more fleshed out than others. Please be aware that not all races have the same level of active participants, as people come and go over time. If you have questions regarding a specific race, check with your local Realm to see if they know any member of that race who can help you. If all else fails, check out the Creatures of Bel/Dag group on Facebook here:

Some of the pages have been divided into sub-categories by general classification, such as Human or Fae. If you do not see a particular race, please check the sub-categories or use the search function.

If you have a new idea, please read the new guide to creating a race, and feel free to make a new page using the simplified Wiki editing guide! Or leave a comment on my talk page for further editing assistance - Galya (talk) 20:38, 25 February 2020 (CST)



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