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In the beginning, the Earth was bare. It was molten and angry, with nothing but lava oceans and massive expanses of rock. A Creator who was roaming the vast emptiness happened upon this blank slate of a world and decided to change it. With her breath she hardened all of the lava into stone. With her hands she churned the stone into land, she dug enormous trenches and built great mountains. With her tears she flooded the trenches, creating the oceans and the seas. Finally, with her will, she created life.

Huge Forests and plains sprung forward all across her new planet, mountains were covered in hulking trees and underbrush, the sky's filled with wind, and the oceans began to toss and turn. She then filled the Earth with animals of all kinds, to enjoy her Eden. Birds filled the skies, fish made their home in the ocean, and all other types of life began to walk her lands.

The creator became filled with joy and pride from the work she accomplished. Exhaustion finally took her and she began a long sleep to recover her energy. When she awoke she found new life had been formed. Odd creatures of many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some were pink and fleshy, but collected in huge groups to cohabitate. They were obviously intelligent to some extent, and their ability to work together was astounding. Other races were closer to the animals she created, more primitive and wild.

She was astounded to see such beings, and had no idea how they came to be. She watched them with an intense curiosity as they went about their lives. Days turn to months, months to years, and before she knew it, an entire century had passed. Anger rose within her as she witnessed these races defiling and ruining her beloved world. She watched as they burned her forests and poisoned her lands, all in the name of their petty wars. In her anger she found clarity, and with her newfound goal she started her work once more. As she surveyed the lands she realized that there was one type of living being that neither took part in war, or felt any inherent hatred for other races. They just lived and died as time dictated them to. Plants. The life she created so long ago still held it's natural stoicism and integrity, and so she thanked it. Thanked it by giving it new life, the likes of which this war torn world would soon see!

Decades passed as she slowly and delicately weaveed into existence a new type of plant. As they came into shape she imbued them with ancient and alien words of power. These words inscribed themselves into the souls of these plants, and finally her Genii Culatie were born. They were seeds roughly the size of a young bull, but with a great deal of intricately woven magic around each of them. She sent these new creations all over the planet, scattering them into every reach where plants had the hopes of growing.

Once the Genii Culatie found homes they took root instantly and began the task they were created for. After roughly a generation they finally took their true forms. They took forms that fit the environments they settled in, some hulking trees that both matched the natural vegetation, but also look somehow alien.

Others grew to be massive outliers in deserts, or great trees, resisting the conditions of tundra.

Any place where plants could grow, so did the Genii Culatie.

The greatest of them all took root in the first Forest of the creator, the Forest of Aliborix.

It was a sea of ancient trees and foliage, surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. In the center stands a tree so massive that it almost dwarfed the mountains surrounding it.

This was the first of the Genii Culatie, and so it was the one to start their task. The guardian of Aliborix, a great king stag with fur of white, eyes of an icey blue, and antlers so old and grown they had moss and vines growing from them.

As it approached the Tree it understood exactly what had to be done. It understood that it's creator called upon it for a higher purpose that protecting just one of her forests. The stag laid its body down beneath the Genii Culatie for a week without moving for either water or food. As it's body weakened and life slipped away it finally heard the voice of the creator. “I have had many names through the eons, but it is time for a new name to be my mantle. Alazia is what you and your kind will know me by, and you will live, fight, and evolve in my name. You are Priomacht, the first of the Nàdar, and you shall be my herald. You will find the others of your kind and bring them together to protect all that I have created. You will be teachers of balance, quellers of war, and progenitors to those who will carry my will.” As the stags last breath was taken, it's soul was received by the Great Genii Culatie and rested inside for 5 days. After 5 days have passed the Genii Culatie bore a seed from it's branch and released it into the Earth. After a time the seed grew and grew until it took its true form, the form of a king stag. Its make was that of thick and mystical bark, its fur was now made of small leaves and pine needles that looked as if tipped with frost, and small blue flowers decorating its body. Hedrial, first Priomacht of the Nàdar had been born and given his task by Alazia. He was to leave his forest and travel throughout the world in search of more of these Genii Culatie and connect them. Find the children they bore and build with them. They would form new lives around the creators Forests, plains, and deserts.

Her lands would have new inhabitants to defend them, and thrive in them.

Branching Paths

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Though all of the Genii Culatie that were distributed throughout the world were infused with the Goddess's power, no plan (even a divine one) holds up to reality. Those sacred plants were discovered by the creatures of the world, and the interactions between them created Nadar that were drastically different than their siblings. In order to preserve balance, the Goddess bestowed unique values upon each branch of the Nadar. Because of this, each branch embodies a different version of the Goddess and worships that persona.

The Dryad: Created through the union of a humanoid mind and the spirit of the sacred plant, They believe that cooperation and education will sway the other sentient races onto the path of the Goddess.

The Proxumae: Formed in the image of animals and filled with the spirit of the sacred plants, they believe that restoring, defending, and spreading the ecosystems they embody will bring balance to the world.

Due to each branch seeing the goddess in a different light, many Nadar believe that there are multiple goddesses.

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