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Nàdar Sub-race: Proxumae

What are the Proxumae?

The Proxumae are powerful nature spirits, guardians of their chosen biome, and friends to all life that can coexist within the Natural order. Imbued with the strength of our goddess Alazia we fight to protect nature from those who seek to destroy it. The eldest amongst us hear the Goddess's words in the whipping wind and the gurgling stream, and her messages guide us towards our goal. We are the tenders of the world, and under our nurturing hands the wilderness will be restored to its former majesty.

Where Did We Come From?

After witnessing the Destruction of the ecosystem, the Goddess Alazia decided to intervene, and sent down numerous plants called the Genii Culatie to defend what was left of the natural world. These sacred plants possesed the spirit of the goddess, and adapted to and nourished the ecosystem they claimed as their own. But eventually their passive innervation proved to be insufficient, and the Genii Culatie needed to play an active role in preserving the world. One by one, they stretched out their consciousnesses, and crafted themselves avatars made of bark and leaf and bone, held together by the spirit of Alazia. At that moment, the first of the Proxumae were born.

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