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Those that are between life and death. these are creatures that for one reason or another have become walking corpses. While many are mindless ravenous flesh eaters some are fully conscious and aware of their former lives. For a millennia it was believed that not all races can become certain types of undead for reasons of reincarnation, regeneration, or divine intervention ect. However as time passes and expansion into the necromyc studies of undeath now and terrifying forms of undead have risen from the Void and seek to bring about a new undead uprising that may finally bring these once immune creatures into the endless ranked of the dead.


Undead History:

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The Undead Pantheon

The following are a list of dieties and guardians within the realms of the Void

The Main Gods

  • The Void - The voice of empty silence itself. The unholy spirit for which our very power flows. For we are the extensions of it's will. While many believe the entities of death and Hod are themselves sperate from the Void this is infact a fallacy. For these three entities act as mind body and spirit of the Void, and only through their unified strength were they able to bring us into being. But make no mistake, the intention of the Void is to eventually return back into itself as the soul entity in existence. So while these extensions of it's will may seem as though they are of separate minds and intentions, they're actually mere parts of a greater whole who's ultimate goal remains to fold onward upon itself as a dying star would and consume all remaining light.
  • Death - They are known by many names throughout the centuries; The Black King, The Grim Reaper, The Ferryman. They are the physical Embodiment of The Void born within the Material Plane. Their creation was brought about by the first great cleansing of the world's primitive life at the hands of the gods. They acts as The Void's hand, ferrying the souls of the living from one plane to the next as they make their inevitable return to the void. They are the Monarch to many extensions of the Void's command, and figurehead to the undead's sacred right to reap the souls of the living.
  • Hod - The God of Undeath, Herald of the Empty Stars and Harbinger to the Shifting of Ages. Hod was born when the Void called out to Phobetues in hopes of tricking the Nightmare God into entering his domain and leaving behind a piece of himself that the Void could use as a vessel to create an undead army to seek vengeance upon the forces of light. The being created was known as Hod and The Void would use his powers to raise the Dark Elders to power and bring about an Undead War that would nearly consume all that lived until the beings of the mortal realm pushed us back to The Underdark.
  • Malsaubatris - After witnessing the destruction of his world, Malsaubatris was left scarred and obsessed with the very nature of death itself. Many sources imply that he even attempted to usurp the Black King during the Great Djinn War, using undead abominations as soldiers against The Pale Demon in attempts to keep the increasingly destructive nature of living beings in check. These creatures were born of condemned spirits twisted by the negative energies within the darkest reaches of the Void and resurrected as foot in the battle for the soul of the planet. But when Death was forced to intervene he had chosen to give the Demon the visage of The Pale Reaper, in hopes that balance would be restored to the natural order and together they banished Malsaubatris from the Void. But the spirits he had weaponizes were given a new purpose when Hod found Malsaubatris’ Memento Mori, and he would in turn use these same spirits to forge his own creations known as “Deathrisen”. While he was once known as a usurper in days long past, today in the Age of Strident Shifts he is known as one of the many key figures in Necromyc religions and an allie to Death, Hod and the Void.
  • Phobettus - He is the being which Hod had branched from and is thus regarded as a higher being. However he is also notorious among our kind for his abandonment and disregard for the Abhorrent Wisdoms. For this reason Deathrisen both regard him with respect but not much admiration. However they don't have any particular distain for the Hobben diety, as his most recent act has been tasking the Hobs with helping reclaim our lost heritage. He is seen as more of a formerly malevolent but now dormant force of nature than an enemy or ally. Phobetteus is the only member of the Undead Greater Deities who isn't worshiped by the race but is simply acknowledged his existence to have been a universal truth and an inherent source of their eventual conception.
  • Zerothas - He who Rules the 9000 layers of Hexya.

Lesser Gods

While some of theses God may be considered greater dieties to the Living, the races "born" under the hierarchies of the Dead Realms tend to view them more as servants allies or assistants To the gods within their pantheon due to the nature of their job within the Void.

  • Barbatos - Guardian to the gateway between the Material Plane and the first Abyssal sect of the Void. Barbatos was once a Primal Force of justice, Naturally when the Void began expanding outward Barbatos was consumed, this caused him to become a twisted version of himself and mutated by the negative energy of the void, taking the form of a large bat like demon with horns resembling that of a crown. He was from then on the force of judgment in the afterlife, tasked to guard the entrance to the 9000 Layers of Hexa. Because he is still a Primal Force he is too powerful to be fought like Sifu. Instead he sits in front of the entrance judging the souls of those who seek entry. If the Void should deem them worthy they would be granted entry without harm. Those who would not, would be thrown to the same plane of punishment as those who would sell their souls to Demons and Devils, to eventually be recycled into Ba'al 'Krynn soldiers during the Undead War. Those souls are now building in power awaiting their return to the material plane.
  • Baulk - a goblyn demon who stands over the gateway between the exit to the River of Souls and the entrance back to the Material Plane. At one point Death had a deep contempt for the Goblyn race, for they had been given the ability to be reincarnated from the realms of death without consequence and therefore live without fear or respect of it. But this changed after baulk's Betrayal. Now that he exist to weaken on the soul of every Goblyn who passed through these waters. Death allowed Baulk to remain in this realm because he felt his endless torment was a fitting punishment for his attempts at godhood and the Goblyns who had long evaded his grasp.
  • Sifu - Guardian to the gateway between the Material Plane and the River of Souls. She has 6 arms and is known for her fighting prowess and undying will. She was cursed to protect the entrance after slaying the previous guard while attempting to venture through the undead realms and into the River of Souls to hunt down and kill Baulk.

Undead Titles & Traditions

Most Undead recognize three titles that go back to the very beginnings of the race. They are:

Recognized Units Tribes & Houses

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