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Tieflings are creatures born of mortals with fiendish ancestry. Tiefling ancestry often lies far up the family tree, usually the result of an ancestral pact with ancient underworld entities. A tiefling is not be confused with a Half-Demon, which are genetically born are half mortal and fiends created through basic procreation. Due to the Abyssal nature of a tiefling's conception they are technically considered their own separate race, closer in power to their Surrogates parents rather than their God-like sires. Tieflings are often born infertile, their appearance is based on the Underworld being involved in its creation. In early.days before their eventual integration into society parents of tieflings had been known to abandon or even kill them at birth due to fear of what others may think of the creature they had bared. Others however banned together as tribes and have followed their history from conception to birth passing on the tales of their people from generation to generationm Most tieflings born outside of these enclaves never know the history of their lineage until well into their adult lives. The limited number of Underworld beings with the ability to sire Tieflings implies that in one war or another be it through God's Demons or Devils all tielfings have the possibility of being related through the pantheons of the Underworld. With fiendish blood and traits to match, tieflings are often shunned and despised out of reactionary fear. The power of their blood calls nearly every tiefling to fury, destruction, and wrath, often compelling them with the thirst for the immense power they were initially created to wield. It is unknown if tielfings can die by natural cause such as age or sickness, however this by no means makes them immortal creatures; they can still die from the same fatal wounds just like any mortal being.



In ancient times when the Gods and Demons washed war for the soul of our world the Most Powerful beings of the Underworld reached beyond the Void to call upon early tibes of mortals to produce potential heirs to their thrones. Through the use of dark magics they taught these mortals a ritual that would infuse one of their descendants with their demonic blood. In time these mortals passed on. Many forgot these deals. But some carried it with them from mother to child for centuries until the first Tielfing was born.

For years her family had been considered mad religious zelots. But when she had finally produced an heir she was overjoyed with love and happiness that her faith had been rewarded. But when she went to tell the local townsfolk of the good news the child was was almost instantly killed by the onlookers and the mother was burned at the stake for witchcraft. Realizing that their creations were not strong enough to truly rule in their place most adecided to abandon their heirs. But some would remain vigilant. Waiting to see if a worthy heir to their kingdoms may be found. Many Centuries passed and over time hundreds tieflings were born. While most mortals never wanted to know how these fiendish creatures existed, some tieflings took it upon themselves to discover how they came to be. Due to the revelation of their abyssal origins, mortals continued to hate and distrust tieflings even more than they already did; many of them killing innocent tieflings for fear that they may try to fulfill their ancient purpose.


Most tieflings were aware from an early age that they were different from others around them. Above all things, tieflings are born with the desire to smite their would-be victims in the after life. So while most tieflings themselves aren't inherently good, it IS in their nature to punish those who have condemned themselves to an afterlife in Hexya. Tielfings have the natural ability to empathically sense the darkness in the souls of the living, and when confronted with a soul of intense darkness they are compelled to reach out and burn it away. For only those who's hearts know true evil burn in the eyes of a tiefling. Be it a kind-hearted king who has committed heinous atrocities in the name of his people or a serial killer, an unruly Tiefling WILL seek violent repentance for your sin if they see fit. Teiflings have no true allegiance outside their natural code, they will surround themselves with all manner of lifeform. However the souls of the greedy, the wrathful, Liars, traitors, man or beast are natural enemies and prey of the tiefling.


Though certain common characteristics recur in many tieflings, their overall appearance can vary greatly from individual to individual as most tieflings tend to resemble their underworld sire. However many Underworld beings range from humanoid, anthropomorphic, insectoid, to down right incomprehensible and while not all have the same features their Tiefling children all bare their Sigils and have notable physical traits to them such as a matching set of horns or extra limbs. Like their fiendish relatives Tieflings are born with natural immunity to extreme heat; this is due to their traits coming from beings born of hellfire. Tieflings are also known to wear fiendish war paint related to their Pantheon. This is likely used primarily as a way of looking more ferocious in battle and to scare off any unwanted passer-by.

The 9000 Layers of Hexya

These firey planes are the is the lowest section of the void, forged for the soul purpose of punishing those who have given their immortal souls to to evil. It is split up into nine sections, each ruled by demons and devils defined by their forms of punishment and crimes against the Primal Forces of nature. There is said to be only one way to enter this realm from the Material Plane, although this entrance is said to change location. Only the bravest of warriors or greatest of fools have attempted to find this path, though not all live to tell the tale. It is believed that the doorway will never appear to the unprepared, for the path to the 9000 Layers of Hexya is fraught with danger. It is said that if you are ready to take on such a quest you must enter a deep and dark forest on a foggy night, there will appear a sign and a stone path which reads "abandon all hope ye who enter". Somewhere along the path the forest will begin to grow dark and cold and within the mist a new pathway will be unlocked.

The first Section the path will lead you through is a quiet and ghostlike forest village of Pottsfield. The village is large and filled with "people", however these people are all bored and tired for they have been waiting there for eons. Some have been waiting so long they appear as mere spectres. This section of the Underworld is where non-evil mortals who for whatever reason sold their immortal soul to the Masters of the Abyssal planes go to wait out their eternity. In limbo the real torture is the absence of it, and any hope for escape. It's a rather tame and boring place to wait out eternity. The greater demon Barbatos, the living entity of Judgement who was first born under the visage of Justice. He was created from the blood of the first being intentionally murdered by another for no greater purpose than pleasure. When the void began expanding outward he was consumed and was reborn as a powerful demon. Who would forever stand guard over this land, forever preventing these lost souls from escaping. He is said to take the form of a Large Bat-like creature and has a crown-like set of 4 horns upon his brow.

Unlike Sifu, he was once a Primal Force of nature, so he is too powerful to fight. Instead he sits at the entrance to Hexya and judges the souls of those who seek entry. If the Void should deem them worthy they would be granted entry without harm. Those who would not, would be thrown to the same plane of punishment as those who would sell their souls to Demons and Devils, to eventually be recycled into Ba'al 'Krynn soldiers during the Undead War

Tiefling trivia

  • All tieflings were concieved when the earth was still new. The knowledge needed to create more have been lost to time. This is why they are so few in number but becoming more common now than they were in days long past, the incubation period has come to pass. New Tieflings cannot be concieved, as that magic has been lost to time. However this does not mean new tieflings cannot be born every day for the next millenia. All that were destined to be, have been made already and will inevitably be.
  • Tieflings only age from infancy to adulthood - once they reach adult hood at roughly age 15, their aging is slowed to the point of being practically immortal, only significantly aging every couple decades or centuries. Because no tieflings have ever lived and aged long enough to die naturally no one really knows if they even CAN die naturally. Unfortunately, because of this it's statistically shown that every tiefling is tragically killed eventually, usually through accident, natural disasters, combat, suicide or murder. Interestingly, unlike Half-Fiends, Demons, and Devils, a Tiefling is a mortal creature and can therefore be resurrected as an undead like any other mortal creature.
  • Although it is common for tieflings to only have 2 horns it is not unheard of for tieflings to have entire crowns of horns.
  • Tieflings more often than not grow up to be hermits shunned or shunning society for their mistreatment in youth. Because of this, many tieflings spend their spare time with their nose stuck in a book, resulting in mastery of science, magic and alchemy.
  • Tieflings that are not hermits often use their fiendish appearance to gain power and become leaders of crime syndicates and famous outlaws.
  • Most, if not all tielfings are related through their fiendish ancestry. This is due to the fact that there are a limited number of Demons and Devils to create tielfings, and all demons and devils are related one way or another.
  • No two tieflings can come from the same mortal bloodline, since each bloodline can only make the deal once.
  • While tieflings are infact born through a surrogate mother, their flesh and blood is actually the composite of the "flesh and blood" of their fiendish sire and the reborn skeleton of the mortal who made the deal.
  • Technically speaking, teiflings do not have "blood" like all creatures of Hexya, hellfire is all that flows within their flesh.
  • Tieflings can't be set on fire, however their clothes still can. This often results in embarrassing moments when walking out of a burning building or climbing out of a volcano.
  • Tiefling horns are a incredibly rare hallucinogen illegal in most dimensions. If a Tiefling's horn is ground into a fine powder and consumed with a meal or drink, it causes a mild high for up to 18 hours. Alternatively, if the powder is inhaled through the nostrils it can cause a euphoric and intense drug state lasting up to 72 hours.
  • While tieflings do prefer the taste of meats, they are known to enjoy the taste of apples when craving something more green or sweet. Whether or not this is an actual part of their natural diet or just cosmic irony is unknown.
  • Tieflings cannot procreate with other tieflings. Not only would this be a bad idea, but neither parent would have the nessicary genetic material to creat a Tiefling child. Teiflings are essentially "shooting blank canvases" that can only be made into a "painting" when a mortal applys "paint". Meaning they can procreate with other races, but their children do not take on their fiendish traits and instead take on the dominant traits of their non-tiefling parent.
  • There is no such thing as a partial or half Tiefling as creating one is scientifically physically historically and magically impossible. Tieflings can ONLY be born as Tieflings.
  • Tieflings are not Monsters, instead they (Much like Aasimars) they are considered Outsiders; creatures whose origins can be found in other Dimensions/Planes from earth.

Garb Requirements

example of a tiefling kit
  • Horns of varying size and shape
  • Black claws
  • Sharp teeth
  • Long goblin-like Ears
  • A thin long tail varying shape and design (most are spaded)

Known Tieflings

  • Jak Calavera - Was the oldest known tiefling in life (currently Deathrisen) being a descendant of The Miagani Tribe he was sired By the greater demon Barbatos. Jak was later killed at sea however, his burial at see after shedding blood in the Sea of the Damned caused him to be ressurected as a Draugr. Shortly after he discovered a lost compendium of Necromyc study and ascended to a Lich

Known Clans

  • the Miagani Tribe - Believed to be the first mortal tribe to make contact with the rulers of Hexya, they specifically worshipped the Demon Barbatos and it's possible that before his passing he was once a member their tribe
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