River of Souls

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The River of Souls is where all Goblyns go when they die. It be gift given by Melashekhaad wen he create his perfect race. The soul slides through the River, and shoots out the other side into a new youngling. Dis give Goblyns no fear of death, because they know they jus' come bakk soon anyway. Everything changed wen Baulk betray Goblynkind, taking the offer of Marjack during the Great War, an' cursed Goblyns by slowly takin' bites out of every soul dat pass him.

Some say dat Sifu, great Goblyn goddess of the Underworld, can see dee River from her post at dee gate of dee Underworld, an' she burn wit hatred, an' feel her curse even more, havin' been so close to dee goal of destroying Baulk for his crimes. Dee Age of Restoration come one day though, an' perhaps Sifu will get her chance to fulfill her desire after all.

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