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This is a listing of the most common and well known monsters in Belegarth.



Identified by being large, mean, and warlike. Their dominant arm is cover in the mark of Marjack, which comes from being touched by their god. Only their shamans may see these marks, therefore when they go to battle they cover their weapon arm.


Filthy, savage hyena-folk. Gnolls are extremely feral, have horrible posture, and wear a large leather collar around their neck. See also: Gnoll


Identified by being small, green, incredibly cruel and their erogenous zones are on their knees and elbows. They cover them to avoid insulting other goblins, but care less if humans see. There are many different tribes of Goblyn, some having more unusual characteristics than others. The most distinguishable are listed below, but regardless of their differences, all are Melashekhaad's children, and all souls flow through the River in the end.

Mech Goblyns

Dee brains of dis op-per-a-shun! See: Mech Goblins


Tiny, but vicious greenskins. See: Snotlings

Night Goblyns

Night Goblyns are a tribe of goblyns that were sealed in a cave and thought dead only to have emerged changed many years later. A Night Goblyn is brought up on a steady diet of other Night Goblyns, and the poisonous and hallucinogenic fungi that live in their caves. This makes much more insane. They also have a strange affinity with the moon. You may identify them by their hoods, night black robes, and White and Black patterns that edge their clothes.

Also known as: Cave Goblyns, Moonies

Treasure Goblyns

Grey skinned, greedy, and avaricious. These goblyns are always on the hunt for shinies.


Hobgoblynz are created from the spirits of fallen heroes. Typically they are spirits of the strongest of monsters who have earned the favor and respect of the Gods in their lifetime; but in the end died valiantly in battle and failed in a solemn oath. Because of this they are not able to join their fallen brothers in the afterlife but are given a second chance through powerful majikz.


Small reptilian monsters who wear bright colors and are obsessed with shinnies.


Reptilian race hailing from a foreign world. They come in many colors and sizes.


Ogres be large nomadic brutes that travel in tribes. Their affinity for the nomadic lifestyle means that their weapons are often simple, replaceable, or also function as tools (axes, clubs, pikes, etc.). Donning furs for travel across many lands and climates, ogres seem to mimic other large mammals that travel in herds. On the battlefield, ogres expose their arms to show strength and some even bear their bellies to flaunt their weakness to enemies. Packs of dogs intermingle with the ogre tribes, helping with the hunt and wanderlust senses. Goblynz often scavenge following the ogre warbands, feeding from scraps. Uganggi, God of Fire is the most Sacred and revered divinity amongst ogres. The power of fire captivates ogres and invigorates their lust to spill the blood of pinkies. Tribes include warriors, hunters, herdsmen, and shamans. Occasionally ogres wander in seclusion because famine, disease, or battle has wiped out their tribe. Shamans may also be more reclusive and hermetic... or perhaps keeping keen eyes from quiet distances. See: Ogre


Orcs come in a few shapes and colors, although they are known as the most generic of all monster races. Dey taller den Goblyns, shorter den ogres, broader den Hat Trolls, etc. Dey jus' in dee middle of ev'rythin'.

Mountain Ork

Orks cursed by Gruumsh to be blue skinned and live in the mountains. See: Mountain Ork

Blood Orc

Orcs trained for battle by Khorne himself. These Orcs are bred for battle. See: Blood Orc


The Skaven are an evil, sentient race of rat-like creatures bent on taking over the world. They live in a series of tunnels beneath the rest of the world, plotting for the day when they will rise up and take over the rest of the world that dwells on the surface. Humans remain mostly ignorant of the Skaven, which the ratmen take great effort to ensure continues. Those who do know of their existence tend to classify them as merely a sub-breed of Beastman rather than as a unique race. The humans most knowledgeable about the Skaven are the "Sewerjacks", city watchmen whose job it is to patrol the sewers of large cities to fight criminals. As a result, they encounter Skaven often.


There are four sub groups of trolls: the Hat Troll, the Mountain Troll, the Forest Troll, and the Chaos Troll.

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