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A goblyn Khadine. Illustration by eyrtk.
Goblyns at OktoberFest 2015. Pictured: Kazi, King Neb, Salamander, Ahki, and Spike



Goblyns are small, green-skinned and vile creatures, who would sooner cut you open and watch your blood run than look at you. And even then, one might glare at you while the other slits your throat. They are chaotic, cunning, and tricksy as hell. Never trust one...unless of course you be a Grik, den yooz may trust all Goblynz. We not hurt yooz, we prah-mis. *sly grin*

Goblyns always cover their elbows and knees, and usually wear some tattered collection of clothing and shineys scavenged from their victims. They tend to gather in tribes, but will often strike out in groups comprised of representatives of many tribes called Skrylls. The first historic Skryll is the object of many stories and is called the Trim Skarim. Goblyn stories often detail them outsmarting the lesser gods and races.

Goblyn Pantheon

Main Gods

The Five Great Goblyns

  • Reth - The Firstborn, First King, favored of Melashekhaad
  • Sifu - The Secondborn, First Witchdoctor, cursed to be Goddess of the Underworld
  • Skribbit - Ascended to be God of Rage
  • Neb - The General, Godslayer
  • Baulk - Betrayer of all Goblynkind

Lesser (Known) Gods

  • Clohaka - Goddess of Corruption
  • Osch Kruleon - God of Murder
  • Angu Urug - God of the Banished

Goblyn Traditions

Most goblyns recognize three titles that go back to the very beginnings of the race. They are:

Goblyn Lore

The goblyns have the best collection of lore and stories in the game. It is a lived-in and ever-growing mythology.
Go here to read some of the history and stories: Goblyn Lore

Known Goblyns

-Way too many to count!

Divergent Sub-types

All goblyns are goblyns, thus all must pass through the River of Souls after death, but some tribes have changed so drastically, by whatever means, that they no longer resemble a standard greenskin. These goblyns have unique identifiers, which distinguish them from an average tribe.

Other Goblyn Things

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