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Snotling Tribe Symbol.

A long time ago Melashekhaad made the goblyns. He made many many gobbos - many times larger than the largest litter. As he made them, they all ran around his feet - playing games, drinking, and making first weapons and stabbing. There were so many gobbos that even Melashekhaad couldn't keep an eye on them all, so one day he accidentally stepped on a female goblyn he just made - name Laki. Laki got squished and was made much smaller than the normal gobbos. Because she was smaller, Laki was not able to have as many kits in her litter, so Snotlings are very few. Melashekhaad saw all the Snotlings were at a disadvantage for survival because they are so much smaller than all other races, so he gave all Snotlings extra-special blessings to make up for stepping on them:

Firstly, he gift them with leanness. He make it so Snotlings eat less than other races. This how they survived when the Broken River tribe starved all the gobbos. This also means they cannot store up food in their bellies. They eat very little, but eat often and are known to wear many pouches on their belts or many pockets in their clothes so they can stuff food in them.

Secondly, he gift them with spiritedness. Snotlings are easily affected by drink and quick to recover from drink. So quick - Snotling gobbos can get drunk twice in one night. This way Snotlings have twice as much fun at celebrations with half of the effort.

Thirdly, he gift them with vehemence. Snotlings are commonly extraordinarily violent in all aspects of their lives, to an extent that makes other gobbos uncomfortable. A snotling shanks in expressions of affection equally as often as they shank... for any other reason.

Lastly, Melashekhaad give Snotlings extra cleverness. Snotlings tend to be much friendlier than other gobos. Specifically, Snotlings have better relations with larger monsters because they fight better. Because of their diminutive size, Snotlings are not the best at fighting, but because they are able to easily make extra-large monster friends, they survive pretty well.

Snotling 4-Man.

This is how Snotlings came about and how they are now. Snotling litters are very small, so they are few in number. They are impulsive wanderers who ended up far away from their home. They like to fight--even if they aren't the best and aren't very strong. Their disadvantages are compensated by their super speed and very clever sneakiness. If one encounters a snotling they should run away, because snotlings are never alone and always travel close to their larger friends. Snotlings don't mind being used as bait if it means they get the kill.

Known Snotlings: Shiv, Rogue, Twitch, Tonberry, Hixa, Tink, Squooshie McKleith

Former Snotlings: Sapling

See also: Goblins

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