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Common Forest Troll
Forest Troll



Forest Trolls are the oldest of all Troll races. They are called "Forest" Trolls because that is where their main territories lie. Darker skinned varieties inhabit swamps, while lighter skinned sub-races hunt on the savannah The Ancient Forest Troll culture has remained largely unchanged by the passing of time, tradition being a pivotal part of their religious and political lives. Like the native tribes of humans today, Forest trolls use exotic face and body paint to make them fearless and they call upon their ancestors to give them strength in battle. It is Forest Troll tradition that when a warrior comes of age, religious and personal symbols are tattooed like insignia as a way of displaying their standing in Troll society and their readiness for war. Unlike their Mountain Troll and Hat Troll cousins, they weren't born from Marjack and have no fear or weakness to the sun. Forest Trolls only show themselves to the world outside of their forests and clans when they are on personal crusades for glory on the battlefield or on spiritual quests. These savage creatures have been known to scalp their foes and eat the dead flesh of the slain to gain their strength and prevent the enemy's souls from passing into the afterlife. Forest trolls often offer there skills in war to passing monster armies for a chance to prove there ferocity in battle and display their finesse with their blades.


Long before the rise and fall of the kingdoms of men, Trolls had forged a large empire built by powerful clans. The numerous small troll clans agreed to stop fighting one another for they grew tired of eating simply to survive. There was far sweeter meat in the world and a chance for glory... a prized commodity. The troll Tribes descended from the north butchering and eating the pink inhabitors of the land. After centuries of raiding, tyranny, and war making, an alliance of elves and humans formed in secret. They ambushed a ritual gathering of unarmed elders, killing many of the clan leaders at the Massacre of the Great Oak. Without the wisdom of their elders, the younger troll warlords filled the power vacuum with conflict and excessive violence on both other clans and racial enemies. The Troll empire did not recover from this blow, and the trolls never united as one nation again. The large clans fought one another for control of the empire and the trolls descended into a barbaric age. Yet they survived, each new generation nurturing their hatred for blood-enemies in the world and honing their abilities in the dark forests of the north for thousands of years. They became a society of hunters, and their lust for power was replaced by lust for glory.

Forest Trolls Today

Most Forest Trolls tend to come from secluded and heavily wooded regions. Thier physique varies with their environments and altitude, the largest of their kind hailing from alpine regions. They are taught war from a young age and learn to fight with simple weapons (clubs, rocks, etc.), moving on to learn other styles with impressive inginuity. They tend to have an artistic ability with tribal art and enchant prominent members of the clan with tattoos. Their equipment is also usually infused with the diabolic power of their holymen. Their tight-knit clans are ruled by a loose oligarchy of the most powerful warriors and respected religious figures.

Forest Troll Society

Troll King: Generally the tallest troll (denoting Divine ordination) with the most layers of garb (denoting nobility) with the greatest fighting finesse in a given tribe. Although a high position of authority, the Troll King generally does not wield their power unless defending traditions and customs of the tribe, rebuking a challenger, or in times of war against other tribes or outsiders.

Witch Doctor: A shaman initiated amoung a long line of secret teachings, the Witch Doctor takes on whatever role their tribes need. Chosen at birth by an auspicious sign, this rural priest can be a healer or a hexer, a wise-man who weaves wards or a battle-priest screaming prayers to their Dread Gods amist the sounds of war.

Ikignai: All trolls, male and female, are trained in the arts of war and hunting from a young age. Every member of the tribe, or Ikignai as they call themselves, is expected to be able to mix a salve, set-up camp, meditate on their Sva-dharma, and (most importantly) to kill.

Shal'a'quey: A specialist in single combat, skirmish tactics, and tracking; the Shal'a'quey is an annointed holy warrior for the tribe. While most of the warriors are expected to defend the territory and go on occasional raids in an Olag-Hai, the Shal'a'quey is always on the trail of a potential threat. A tribe may have more than one or none, depending on their needs. This warrior is often trained specifically to engage lycanthropes and the undead.

Relation to other Trolls

They were not born from Marjack and don't tend to associate with the other Trolls. They were born from the tortured hearts of trees, like fungal tumors that gained consciousness and evolved rapidly due to the influence of the Dread Gods. They aren't really known by the majority of other Troll races, thus many don't have an opinion of like or dislike.

Relation to other races

Forest Trolls get along well with other monster races more than they generally do with members of other Forest Troll tribes. Their versatile combat and survival skills make them handy guides and hired hands, though most in urban areas make their living doing mercenary work. Although stern themselves, they find the antics of kobolds quite amusing and enjoy fighting alongside orcs for the sport.

The Human can expect disgust at best from Forest trolls. The acts of barbarism from both races makes them uneasy around one another, and both maintain cautious distance if forced to interact. Trolls look down on humans for their short-lives and impatience; humans regard trolls as brutes.

The Dwarf Kingdoms and Forest Trolls have no history of conflict, save the entangling alliances of their allies and comrades. They generally keep to their own lands and occasionally trade goods if the regional politics are loose.

No one knows who struck first, but for as long as history tells forest Trolls have had an extreme distaste for Elves of all kinds. They often come into conflict over hunting grounds and territorial expansion, sharing the same regional origins. Any given Forest Troll can be expected to hunt down elves with an unnerving determination, often enduring many wounds in order to kill even just one of their hated blood foes.

Most "civilized" races have a general disdain for Forest Trolls for their vicious tactics and willing consumption of their enemies' flesh, an act they believe gives them more power.

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