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Yaga Malark Sugemo, The Viper Prophet

Okfest swagger.jpg

Unit: Dark Angels

Formerly of the Uruk-Hai, Forsaken, and DGMA

Religion: The Great Hunt, Servant of Hadal

Home Realm: Stygia

Fighting Since: 2003

Race: Svartkogen

Events Attended: Chaos Wars IX, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, and XVII; Battle for the Ring V, VI, and VIII ; Thaw Brawl 2012, 2013, and 2014; Yestare 2012, Equinox 2014, Oktoberfest 2014, Eastwind Under Siege 2015, Frostgiliath 2015, Beltain 2015, War of the Gate, and many more...

Paramour of Kvothe

Prophet of The Great Hunt


Born from the transmuted heart of a suffering tree, Malark has been from birth the servant of Nature. His forest was sick with a supernatural illness, infected with foul lycanthropic beasts and blood-starved undead who drained the woodland of vitality, and thus summoned a Svartkogen to purify it. Malark is biologically and metaphysically designed to hunt all manner of supernatural adversaries, molded as such to drive any threat from his blessed groves. He took to his duty with earnest violence, and for a time succeeded in keeping his sylvan realm free from those who might corrupt it.

He was doomed to ultimately fail in his task. An ever increasing tide of peril, both mundane and arcane, became too much to overcome. Broken and exhausted, he began to wander, a guardian without a ward. Although the forest that incarnated him has since perished from disease, fire, and the advancement of civilization, he still carries within him the rage of one born to blood and vengeance.

The First Servant of the Dread Gods found Malark and took him in as a serf and student. Over the course of many mortal lifetimes, Yaga Xoshawv taught Malark how to speak with the spirits and commune with the gods as he was introduced to the dark philosophy of a war Prophet. The voice of the gods was strong in him, and he came to be nearly the peer of his master and mentor. Upon completion of his religious instruction, Malark became possessed by the spirit of Hadal and killed Xoshawv, unwittingly inheriting the title of Yaga from his slain pontiff. His soul was burned away and replaced with the pure will of the gods. Compelled by the Dread Gods to carry out their mysterious agenda, Malark left the vale with a purpose. The People of the Vale never had the weaponsmithing technology to make advanced arms, so Malark used in war what he learned for hunting in the forest: sticks, stones, simple spears, and archery. This reliance on primitive technology put Malark at a slight disadvantage at first against his better armed opponents, but with his Kogen ingenuity he figured out techniques for getting around the more well-equipped fighters: such as rock throwing, long-range archery, and spear work. Through the right of victory Malark slowly grew his armory and experience.

Malark wandered until he found the expansive area of Stygia, complete with excellent hunting grounds and a small mortal trading settlement called Hell's Gate. He was befriended by an air gensai named Thiadric Thumbs and was convinced to settle there. At that time, the territory was mainly controlled by the Uruk-Hai and their masters, the White Skull. Malark joined a mercenary unit (headed by Valas Hune) upon his arrival, but the mercenaries were soon absorbed by the Uruk-Hai. After living in Stygia for awhile, Malark became impressed by the power of the Uruk-Hai and enlisted in their ranks. Their blood-lust and might were an awesome sight, and he enjoyed touring with them.

In 2005, Malark also founded a Gladiator's School with Thiadric Thumbs in the Hell's Gate Village. It was a great success and continues to produce skilled fighters to this day.

Malark soon became disillusioned with the hierarchical structure of the Uruk-Hai as his gods felt their will stifled. He mistakenly dreamed of a unit based on democratic principals and tribal unity, not fear and oppression. Then, at Chaos Wars XII, he conspired with like-minded warriors and created the AU. He did not realize at the time that an enlightened oligarchy is the key to success in social endeavours. Because of a lack of structure, the "unit" quickly fell apart. The gods taught him a valuable lesson.

The next year at Chaos Wars XIII, Malark fell victim to treachery. A piece of his heartwood was stolen by an agent of the Uruk-Hai and delivered to their dark mistress. Under threat of true death, he returned to his previous occupation of barbarous blood-letting at the command of the Uruks. But Malark had played a trick of his own. Through specifically vague phrasing, his oath was actually to the Lady Lillith herself. Nevertheless he sought to advance himself and serve diligently as to not arouse suspicion. Besides, the gods care not from whence the blood floods, only that it does.

Always at the mercy of the ominpresent Dread Gods, Malark was forced under pain of insanity to become the first Prophet for a monstrous religious organization called The Great Hunt. He has since indoctrinated many of those called to similar ideals, including prominent knights and political figures. This insidious cult is pervasive and has infiltrated every level of society, allowing access to a cornucopia of agents and contacts. Any and all information is sacred to a devotee of the Dread Gods who know that knowledge is power.

During Chaos Wars XIV, Malark proudly accepted membership into the illustrious Forsaken. And yet his gods were not satisfied, filling him with a desire to seek solitude to divine their will. Due to an internal political rupture, he was able to exploit the loophole in his oath and left the Uruk-Hai and the Forsaken to devote himself fully to his Gods. However, his Oath to Lady Lillith still holds firm, and he serves her in whatever capacity she should require.

Knowing the chances of survival drop significantly in war for those without allies, Malark trained for Chaos XV with a group of fighters known as the Stygian Alliance: a strange conglomerate of the DGMA, the Templars, and Malark himself. Some monsters questioned this decision because it involved working directly with mortal races, but many of the young ones in the Stygian Alliance were also members of The Great Hunt, and had proven themselves worthy in the eyes of his Dread Gods. This Alliance would prove fruitful, not just on the field of battle but also in calling more fighters to the banners of the gods.

After working extensively with the DGMA, Malark decided that these mercenaries were his kind of scum. He socialized with them often and took up residence with members of their High Council, finding comraderie with his troll brother Turkeyfeathers and transforming his old friend, the air gensai Thiadric Thumbs, into a storm elemental with the use of strange herbs, dark magicks, and the Miasma. This partnership would last for many summers and served to deepened the bonds between these hardened mercenaries. Despite the comfort and privilege afforded to him, it was not to last.

As always, his gods eventually drove him onwards.

In the summer of 2014, Malark journeyed Eastwards to the land of Dur Demarion to study with the warriors there and learn the ancient crafts of fire and metal. He spent a year training with the fierce warriors of the east before venturing homeward to Stygia. He is last known to have been seen in the company of the Dark Angels, and has since faded into darkness. Only the Dread Gods know where he treads now.

What is known is that in 2022, rumors began that a Prophet of The Great Hunt had taken apostles under his tutelage. A new kind of fervor seems to be taking over the whole cult, whether it be in city or hamlet or distant woodland. A revival is taking place, and at its core can only be the old Svartkogen.

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