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UPDATE IN PROGRESS - Antoinette (02/02/2020)

Fighter Profile

Belegarth Persona Name: Sir Thiadric Thumbs, Premier Knight of the Dread Gate
Real Name: Zac Johnson
Gender: Male
Race: Storm Elemental
Unit: Gelfen Empire
Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board
Secondary Fighting Style: Polearm
Fighting Since: 2003

Other Information

Events Attended

Sir Thiadric Thumbs has been eventing since 2003 and thusly there is not a chance that a simple scribe such as myself can recall all of the events across the lands that he has attended. So below you will find a list of events that Sir Thiadric Thumbs is known to frequent. ~Dragoon Antoinette

  • Chaos Wars
  • More to Come
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