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"Those clouds look really weird and dark... Wait... is that a pair of EYES?!?" - footsoldier overheard on the Stygian battlefields

Storm Elementals have a general reputation of being highly intelligent, calculating, idealistic, and thoroughly deadly when they decide that the time for thinking has passed on an issue.

Creatures of cloud, mist, fog, lightning, and fierce winds, these elementals are often a boon on the battlefield and toss their enemies aside as easily as trash in a hurricane.

Additionally, their reknowned chattiness (they love to shoot the breeze) makes them popular off the field as well.


While Storm elementals generally share the traits above, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you understand that not all Storm Elementals are the same. There are indeed many storm elementals who abhor violence and stick to only passing the time helping ships sail or windmills turn. Others are quite temperamental and prone to extreme bouts of anger, sadness, and lightning bolt throwing - this type should not be approached without care for a happy chat (unless you do not value your life).


The origins of Storm Elementals are as varied as the clouds in the sky. Some are risen by wizards, some drawn forth by some crisis in the natural world, some simply springing from the winds seemingly for no reason at all, some so old they simply do not remember a time they did not exist. Each elemental has their own unique story and evolution from one part of their journey to another.

Known Storm Elementals

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