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Banner of Stygia by Squire Eui
Zootown Throwdown III, Stygia Opener 2019. Photo by Squire Eui
Stygia at MisCon 2013
Stygia Kill and Grill I, 2013

Founded in 2001 by Soo Ma Tai as the Dagorhir chapter Gorothannon, Stygia stands alone as Montana's largest Belegarth realm. With appearances at MisCon, Big Sky Renaissance Faire and weekly practices at Bonner Park this very active realm practices year round. The realm also supports the University of Montana Medieval Combat Society during school terms and has been active with the Hellgate High School Flagship program and it's Gladiator program, started by a Stygian veteran. Fielding up to thirty fighters in the summer and twenty in the winter the realm ranks as one of the largest per capita. The major event for the realm, War of the Gate, draws fighters from the inter-mountain west. Fighters from Stygia can be found at events throughout Belegarth. For practice information and how to contact the realm, see Realm of Stygia on Facebook.

Status: Active Year Round

Typical # at Practices: 15-25


Realm Leaders

  • President: Sir Thiadric Thumbs
  • Vice President: Squire Tethian
  • Treasurer: Wug

-Head Weapons: Check Apprentice Turkeyfeathers

-Head Marshal: Grizzly

-Secretary: Àine SilverSun

-Head of Public Relations: Squire Eui


Awards and Honors

Stygian Realm Awards

Local Events

War of the Gate
Held yearly since 2006, War of the Gate celebrates the history and lore of Stygia. This weekend event draws members from throughout the Highlands of Chaos. (UT,ID). Most recently the location has been beautiful Beavertail Hill State Park just mintues from Missoula.
Stygia Kill and Grill
Stygia's day event. Fighting and then food. Usually held at White Pine Park, Missoula during the high summer. The local SCA and other medieval groups are often in attendance.

Local Tribes

Kei'uptik Participates in The Great Hunt

Fighting Units

The following units have regular representation on the field of Stygia.

Fair Weather Practices

Practices for Stygia are held 2PM to 5PM on Sunday at Bonner Park in Missoula near the band shell (weather permitting).

Bonner Park 1798 Ronald Ave. Missoula, MT

Winter Indoor Practices

Winter practices are held 2PM to 5PM on Sunday in the Schrieber Gymnasium, University of Montana, courtesy of UMMCS.


The Shire of Arabor is a student group on the campus of the University of Montana, it is also known as the UM Medieval Combat Society. They also host additional Belegarth practices held at the University of Montana Oval from 5PM to 7PM, Tuesday and Thursday, weather permitting, during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Craft nights are held Tuesdays in the University Center after 7PM. Check the Facebook page for any schedule changes or cancellations.

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