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Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance

Realm: Stygia,Ebonhold

Date Founded: March 7th, 2011 (3rd Generation)

Date Retired: January 21st, 2014

Status: Retired, Inactive.

Sub Units: Olag-Hai


Long ago in the time of Gorothanon, there existed a group of mercenaries under the command of one Valas Hune, a fearsome and respected Drow Rouge. The original Qos Videnn Shibalin or Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance consisted of several units, loosely joined by the common want of money and destruction. One of these units was the the Shadow Covenant, an assassins guild. Another was the The Sea Swallows, dry land pirates bent on running away. Over the years the Shadow Covenant vanished, leaving a gap for of paid protection hanging over the realm. During the 3rd War of the Gate (2005) The Shadow Clan fought it's way into the Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance in secret, thus filling that gap. Gorothanon became Stygia. And other then the power of the Orcs steadily and inexorably growing, all seemed well. But all was not as it seemed. For a political spit amongst the alliance saw the Drow joining the Uruk-Hai, the mighty Orc Tribe that inhabited the area. This was seen as unacceptable to the remaining units, who broke ties with the Qos Videnn Shibalin and all it stood for and eventually became DGMA 2000 Inc. For a few glorious months the DGMA was a recognized force on the field. Eventually however the group ended up falling apart, with most of its members dropping out of the sport entirely due to unrelated factors. In 2010 Thiadric Thumbs reformed the DGMA, working under the same concept of a loose knit coalition, but without the various sub units. The DGMA worked for any price, only wanting a little bit of the action. Following a glorious history the unit disbanded at Battle for the Ring V having achieved more then they could have hoped. There are rumors in Stygia of a possible reunion sometime in the future but those, like so many things surrounding the DGMA, are just rumors.


October 5th-7th Sam Hain 2012 3 attendees

September 21st-23rd The Hallows II 4 attendees

July 22nd-29th Chaos Wars XVI 10 attendees

June 15th-17th War of Forbidding VIII 2 attendees

May 25-37 Yestare 12 6 attendees

April 13th - 15th Thaw Brawl 9 attendees


August 26th-28th War of the Gate V 5 attendees

July 25-31st Chaos Wars XV 7 attendees

Further data on attendance is unavailable.

At this point



Mercenary King Thiadric Thumbs- Storm Elemental

Sergent at Arms Turkeyfeathers- Forest Troll

Witch Doctor Malark - Forest Troll


Tethian - Half Elf

Sethra - Hat Troll

Naga - Tree Nymph/Forest Troll

Kenkyu - Human


Moses - Hat Troll

Beatriz - Fairy

Echo - Human

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