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The Crest of Ebonhold


Idaho Falls, ID

Membership: 40ish active. 120 signed waivers.
Typical # at Practices: 20-40


Kingdom Officers:

  • King: Rumplestilzkin
  • Queen:
  • Seneshal:


Ebonhold, as a realm, came into existence in 2000 when Sir Cedric of Winterboure moved from the lands of Korayn in Pocatello, Idaho to Idaho Falls, Idaho. With the help of Sir Spriggot of De la Tierra del Fuego, he started recruiting and built the realm from the ground up. In 2006, Ebonhold gained voting rights on War Council.

In October 2006, Ebonhold became a Kingdom with Necronos winning by right of arms the honor of serving as its first King.

In september 2007 During the Annual Crown Wars Kathar became the new King by right of arms and the honor of being second king

In june of 2008 during Ebonholds one day tournement King Kathar abdicated the throne, Lord Morholt to reigned as lord regent until his coronation.

In September of 2008 During the Annual Crown Wars By right of arms Morholt Became the official King.

Crown wars has since been suspended and the position of king is determined by citizen vote.


Ebonhold holds practices at Tautphaus Park twice a week, Wednesdays from 5pm until dark and Saturdays from 5pm until tired, from March until weather no longer permits

Currently Ebonhold has 20-40 people at practices and are active in attending events all over the country.


Every year Ebonhold hosts a few events each year they are as follows:

Thaw Brawl. The event, once hosted by the Highlands of Chaos, and local squires.

Ebonhold also co-hosted Chaos Wars X with the Highlands of Chaos.

People of Ebonhold

contact info

  • ebonholdleadership@gmail.com

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