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War Council is the legislative branch of Belegarth's government. It is comprised of two people from each of the Voting Realms and Speaking Realms. In addition to being in charge of passing all changes to the By-laws, the Book of War and the addition of new speaking/voting realms, War Council also elects all members of the executive branch of government, the Board of Directors.


Traditionally War Council met at Armageddon or Chaos Wars, but in recent years has switched over to online meetings instead, for more effective/efficient discussion and voting.


Because of the vast distances between realms the War Council meets in four sessions yearly. Voting periods begin on the 1st of the last month of each session. For example, during the October - December session, the voting period will begin on December 1st. All voting periods must be officially opened by the President or another designated Board of Directors member. The schedule of sessions is listed below:

  • January - March
  • April - June
  • July - September
  • October - December


War Council in Belegarth has been going on since its inception in 2001. Early versions of War Council Minutes are listed on this Wiki.

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