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Realm: Stygia


Leader: Oroku Norinaga

Deputy: Pending Trials

Scribe: Anij Kalish

Money Changer: Áine Ní Fhathaigh

Quarter Master: Pending Appointment

Founded: 2005

Status: Active and Recruiting

Ranks: Apprentice, Warrior, Deputy, Chief, Elder

Unit Saying: Live for the Clan, Die for the Clan, We take no prisoners, We do not die in vain. Justice, Wealth, Revenge!

Shadow Clan provides pinpoint and swift assassination and retaliation on the battlefield. Honor bound by decades of hand to hand combat, a Shadow Clan warrior thinks nothing of laying down their life in the pursuit of justice, wealth or revenge. Flankers and skirmishers they range to the front and the sides of the main line doing damage quickly and precisely before joining the main line if needed.
Originally part of the Samurai Guild, run by the mighty Todo, Shadow Clan fought it's way into the DGMA during War of the Gate III in secret. Once established as members of Stygia's premier mercenary alliance they fought along side the The Sea Swallows for many years. With Jedi Jacul Arach at his side the Fearless Samurai Foxtaur of the Northern Climbs fought pitched battles with the mighty Uruk-Hai under their leader the indomitable Soo Ma Tai. However time caught up with the Clan and by 2007 they were believed to have disbanded.
However in 2011 Clan Leader Oroku Norinaga returned to the battlefield of Stygia determined to get his clan back and fighting once more. In 2012 Shadow clan broke from the DGMA and now awaits the future on it's own.

Jacul Arach and Oroku Norinaga take on Valas Hune on the field of War of the Gate III.
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