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Full Name: Turkeyfeathers

Unit: EBF

Houses: Grey Wolf with House Mountain Mercenaries

Tribe: Kei'uptik

Religion: Dread Gods Worship, Hunter of The Great Hunt

Realms: Stygia

Fighting Since: 2010

Race: Forest Troll

Fighting Styles: Florentine, Sword and Board, Archery, Red

Real Name: Alex Wickham

Events Attended: Chaos Wars XV XVI, Thaw Brawl 2012&13, Battle for the Ring VI


 Turkeyfeathers is a Forest Troll from the northern lands of Stygia. He met Thiadric Thumbs, who simply informed him that he worked for the newly formed DGMA(Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance), and was given the position of second in command. He was a member of the DGMA HIGH COUNCIL, along with Thiadric Thumbs, Oroku Norinaga, and Malark.
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