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"Gobbits" -- a term officially coined at Battle for the Ring VI, is a half-breed race, and as such is typically rejecteds. It mixes Hobbits with one of any tribe or type of Goblin, and as such may have varying results in mannerisms, appearance, and clothing. Gobbits are considered wretched, a disgrace of a race to many, and most will more than likely deny one heritage or the other.
Those that partake this race are more often than not referred to as Watermelon.


Due to wrongfully-mixed genetics, Gobbits may appear as any color, and their garb may change on which culture it is they pursue, although, as a rule, they are still small creatures. Because of the mixing, even things such as reproductive organs may appear in different places, depending on the outcome. Some may have their elbows and knees, while others may have the standard pinkie type. There are some of this race who are so jumbled that their skin color may change between that of their monstrous heritage or a hobbit depending on external and internal conditions.

Known Gobbits
Midget Kai'Ironhand

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