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Basic Information

Name: Midget Kai'Ironhand (mishalar)

Nickames: Midj
Real Name: Michelle Silva
Joined Belegarth: 12 April 2011
Realm: Babylon
Honorary: Aquilonia, Acheron
Guest: Ered Duath, Stygia, Barad'Dun
House: Valkyries
Order: Order of the Eunuchs: Eunuch of the Broken Shield
Unit: Sapper for the Western Uruk Hai
Former Units: Redeemed
Race: Gobbit
Favored Fighting Style: Florentine, Grapple
Secondary Fighting Styles: Sword & Board, Dagger

Events Attended: 20+
Battle for the Ring VI
Chumpsgiving 2013
Samhain VIII, IX, X
Utah Border Wars various
War of Reckoning III, IV
War of the Gate V
Western Wars XI
Yestare XIII


Fully grown, the halfling made it to a overgrown size for her race (an extra ten inches, one would say) at four feet, ten inches, due to her goblin crossbreeding. The mix also left her to be far more thin than halflings generally were, and left her with no fur on her feet or curl in her hair. There is a tinge of green hidden in her skin that seems to become more apparent as she loses control (staring with swirls and then eventually covering all her skin). As the blood fights for control within, it also continues to affect the color of her eyes and hair, darkening and lighting as one gains more control over the other.

While banding with the Redeemed, she often wears colors such as blue, black, and silver, but when left alone to band with the Uruk-hai she reverts to brown and black clothing, even occasionally taking up a shield from their dead. After Chaos Wars 15, the last heirloom of her family--a silver armlet handed down since the beginning of the line--had been stolen away by one of the race of men, leaving her right arm naked to infuriate her. To make up for the bare-ness, she has enlisted in the making of leather armlets instead, made by Eunuch of the Uruk-hai, though it will never truly be the same.

At the request of Kain of the Redeemed, she has, on occasion, left her normal blood-wear behind for actual womens' clothing for occasions in which they are invited to feast with those in higher society or greater standing than the Redeemed, giving her an almost pleasant, serene look about her. She has been known, at times, to dress in an outrageous style from eastern asian countries from a time in which she was lost, searching for her companions, and donned their clothing for self-preservation.



Some halflings are far more adventurous than they should be, adventuring around the continent--even to some places such as the Misty Mountains--and as such, fell upon an ill fate. It was while trekking upon the mountainsides in the late evening that a group of halfling travelers were attacked by a group of goblins, who proceeded to kill, torture, and rape all that were there. It was by mere luck of chance that a group of men were patrolling to stave off the raids that had been occurring in their villages that they heard the screams. Out of two dozen halflings, only three made it out again. Sometime later, a girl was born, and given the name Mishalar.

But not a one was prepared for the monster she was. A rare occurance of fowl crossbreeding, it was quickly discovered that when met with certain triggers (raw meat, shouts, the strewn weapons of men) would give her a poorer disposition--a split personality between her somber and crazed sides. She found a fascination at an early age with battle and murder, and as she aged her temper could be lost into something beastly. The Hobbits would not support such a child in their community and exiled the mother and child from their lands, leaving them to live in the wilds. They happened upon a town of men and would make their living in someone's attic, attending to the laundry or taking messages cross-country. It was on one of these ventures that Mishalar lost her sanity during an attack and not only slew the orcs about her, but her mother as well. After delivering the message (something about a trade of horses for weapons and other goods), she never again returned to her employer, but found an abandoned home in which she sat inside and talked crazy for weeks on end, making locals fear her sanity.

A dark man caught word of the crazy girl who, on occasion, had in fact attacked the men almost frequently upon her teenage years, and scouted her out. After a shuffle (in which she lost) with the man he laughed and said, "Quite the fiery little Midget, ain't ya?" and located her with a band known for their assembly of creatures from canine humanoids (such as Holo), undead, and banshees, among other things--the Redeemed. Here she was trained and given arms, never again to use her birth name for the rage it caused--instead taking the name from the stranger that sought her out. The unit in question was aligned with Uruk-hai, and so she has been known to battle alongside their twisted ranks, killing those that would mock and outcast her.

Alliance or no, however, if left alone without an ally by her side, she has been known to switch her tune. As a rage melted away and she found herself in a battle with no Uruk-hai left standing around her, she joined forces with those from Babylon in order to persevere, later leaving them to find those who retreated or survived once again. Her off-kilt sanity and dual personalities leave many parties unsure, but welcome the blades she brings with caution so long as a Controller is around, such as Kain Icefall or Forkbeard. Fiercely stubborn, she charges the battlefield even when barely able to walk, always pushing the line until forced to take leave for heal.

She would later be sent out to help the Uruk-hai fight for the Dread Gate in the realm of Stygia, and was called home again for the battle of Sam Hain some months later where she suffered an injury to her lungs that kept her from the field for the last half of battles, causing a sense of self-disappointment and rage. When winter came a series of illnesses would leave her bedridden, leaving her mind to only experience the battlefield within itself.

Events of Note

Chaos Wars XV

Midget was met with her first entrance onto a major battlefield when the fifteenth Chaos Wars came around. She often worried and annoyed heralds and those she travelled with for going onto the field despite having difficulties walking from an injury. This was also how she started gaining a name in the sport. It was also when her poor luck with injuries started to become apparent. As per her unit Redeemed's laws, she spent the week allying with the Western Uruk Hai on and off the field.

The Slave Auction After being sold to what would become her Controller known as Eunuch from Aquilonia, Midget would help herd the many slaves, getting them from base camp to the final destination where they were to be traded and sold. Due to her brash nature, regular beatings, and general rough mistreatment of those to be sold (particularly the women) she was honored with receiving Kai'Ironhand as an addition to her name from her Controller, Kai meaning 'slave' or 'dragon', a name she proudly bears.

The Newb Tournament Being a new fighter, she her pride and the pushing of her realm-mates placed her nimble feet into a tournament that was being run for those who had less than a year's experience under their belts in battle. After two fights, she was injured and removed, losing to another florentiner who was not well-known to this land, but had battled in another far away. This person would later lose to the tournament champion of similar background, giving her second place. After the battles were over, Midget was approached to dual with a few Valkyries for showing strength and humility.

The Assassins Tournament After ruffling a few wrong feathers, a bounty had been put on the head of the halfling, something many assassins relished. She spent the majority of the week being preyed on, poisoned, and receiving injury from many strangers, and even a few familiars. After being attacked by one of Stygia's Shinigami, she turned on the other.

Battle for the Ring VI

The first time Midget travelled southward to battle was at this event, which took her into far warmer climates. While often lost and confused, she enjoyed the various peoples--few of which she'd ever seen before. Here fought many warriors that never appeared on the northern borders, and with them came a flurry of new fighting tactics and styles. The small fighter often found herself in the company of the few Uruk-Hai who found themselves in the area, or around those of the extended Babylonian Empire. But she also made new alliances, like with the those from the realm of Barad'Dun, and its strongest unit, the Black Lions run by Taco. During the event, she managed to get her hands on the the sword Sting, as well as the sacred relic of said unit--a war drum, which summoned to her aid five of its fighters: Taco, Phoxly, Acrid, Pheasant, and Grek, which proved useful in the battle for the one ring. Chants of "EVIL! EVIL!" rang out across the lands as they took hold of the small gold band and used it to spread darkness and ill-will.

FantasyCon 2014

FantasyCon, although not a typical Belegarth event, is a convention of many fantasy-based fandoms, guests, performances, and especially medieval fighting. Belegarth made for a very strong attraction throughout the convention itself, drawing many people to its fights and booth. Belegarth as a whole, and especially the Western Uruk-Hai, made a strong presence at the convention, and spent three days brawling it out on cement floors in a small, confined space lined on all four sides with stands. As each day progressed, the fighting grew more intense and more people came to watch. Midget was one of many fighters present for the fights and, while her fighting style backed her into many corners, she managed to make it out on top in a handful of battles. She took to using a spear, borrowing from Valas when slain, or using that of the Black Lions. By the last day of the convention, she garnered a small, but loyal, fanbase.

Photo by JulieannaD Photography.

Chaos Wars XVIII

Chaos Wars XVIII met new battle grounds and was a scorcher of a year, offering little shade for those who came to wage war. It was odd for this and other reasons: fewer injuries, smaller armies, and it happened to be the first event she attended in which she did not come with, or at some point receive, any injury. It was also a very special year, for she began as a sapper for the Western Uruk Hai, something she had been wanting to do for quite some time. She camped and drank with her fellow monsters and by the end of the week had received a leather belt flag with a chompy-style tracing, with the hopes to trade in a years' time upon completing her trial period. While she did not carry out her typical event volunteer work, she took time to help try and find the location of the cloak.

The Slave Auction / Gladiator Pits As happened annually at Chaos Wars, Midj was thrown into the slave auction once more. She herded and beat the slaves with her club and growled at them, or screeched as she chased down those that sought to flee. There was one change, however: she was not to be a slave, but to fight in the gladiator pits. After slaying her opponent in the sale (and stealing another's hat) she was purchased by the hobgoblin Triv and sent into the arena with the others. She fought many battles in the arena, and while she was almost never victorious, she became a crowd favorite and was given the honor to compete amongst four others for the Gladius--Squirrel, Rias, Ahlschwede, and Stitch. Squirrel earned his freedom. Midj declared she would return to battle again.

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