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Group shot of the Valkyries before they took the field together at Chaos Wars 15

An all female fighters House.

  • Symbol: Horned Raven
  • Colors: Silver, Black, Purple,Pink


House Valkyrie symbol.

House Valkyrie for Belegarth is an open group of exclusively all-woman fighters who kick ass on and off the field.

This house was created to encourage serious fighting among the female Belegarth players, and raise the bar of fight level overall.

We do this by offering female specific fighting classes taught by fighting leaders in our sport (male and female), by encouraging good relations between all ladies involved in Belegarth (regardless of if they are a fighter or non-com), and providing a fun mythology to encourage great role play, garb, and Bel culture over all.

Unlike units, we don't normally compete together since we are from all over the country. It's more that we recognize each others awesomeness and sexiness and complete bad-assary on the field.

Any woman fighter can call themselves a Valkyrie, rock the Valkyrie colors, or Valkyrie symbols, and choose to fight with the Valkyries.

Video of Valkyrie Four-man team competing at Battle for the Ring. The Valkyries placed third.

Belt Flags

Any girl fighter may rock the Valkyrie symbol and colors to show off their Valkyrie affiliation. We highly encourage personalized and regional belt flags, themed armor and garb, and any other creative use of the Horned Raven skull.

The Leather Flag:

As an additional piece of awesome we annually award Valkyries who have shown themselves to be both committed and passionate about fighting with a leather burned Valkyries belt flag (made by Gaia). It is a symbol of leadership on and off the field, of commitment to Bel as a sport and community, and of recognition for dedicated fighters.

We are aware there is interest in the Valkyrie belt flags from both experienced fighters and new members. When choosing flag recipients we take into account not only performance, commitment, and consistency on the field, but also feedback from other fighters including knights and realm leaders, fighting teachers, and the fighting elite. We also note attendance at events and look for an overall contribution to the Valkyries and Bel.

If you do not receive a flag please do not take it as a reflection on your value as a fighter. REMEMBER: YOU ARE A VALKYRIE whether or not you have the flag. The flag is something to work towards for new fighters and a recognition for more experienced and committed fighters.

We give these flags out at Chaos Wars each year so for now, you must come to Chaos Wars to be eligible for a flag. Perhaps in the future we will include a large eastern event as well but right now we don't have the woman power. (see what i did there? )

-Valkyrie Leadership (Gaia, Sipris, Acorn, and Rocca).

PS. if you know of a Valk who should be on the list to recived a Leather flag, please contact us through the facebook group:

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