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In the document below, you will find all of the information I have gleaned thus far about Dragonrunners. Much of it comes from my own experience as a 'runner myself, and some of it comes from the Dragons who would take a 'runner. If you are a Dragon or a Dragonrunner, please contact me for I am always collecting more Dragon lore and hoping to update the information on both Dragons and Dragonrunners.

--Léal Fitzmorgan


Basic Traits

At their core, Dragonrunners are those who have forsaken loyalty to their original race in order to be wholly loyal to Dragons. Often, they seek any and all knowledge on Dragons and covet the opportunity to speak with one directly. If a 'runner is able to live in Dragon society or works with a Dragon in a Bonding, they are likely to take on certain Draconic personality traits.

There is reason to believe that there are a few different causes for the Dragonrunner's change of loyalty. It may be that they are simply that enthralled with Dragons, or it may be that they are a half-Dragon whose Draconic nature has been suppressed until reaching maturity. The latter is not something that can be quickly nor easily discovered, but may be found through great investigation and introspection.

Dragonrunners have no restrictions in personality nor alignment, but seek to uphold three tenants: honor, learning, and loyalty. In the simplest sense these things mean: remain true to your principles and act respectfully; seek knowledge in many forms; and aid, fight alongside, and exalt the glory of dragons.

I myself have been working with a Dragon whose traits of hoarding and loyalty-based protectiveness have rubbed off on me. I have also begun collecting a small hoard of shinies and plush dragons.


In their effort to promote Draconic culture, 'runners often wear symbols of Dragons or Dragon scales/horns, etc. Some Dragonrunners are gifted with various items such as a shed scale to use as a shield or a small item from a Dragon's own hoard.

Bonding with Dragons

In some cases, a Dragonrunner may pair with one or more Dragons in a mentorship. Either party may be the mentor and the relationship is defined by those involved, but it is a Bonding meant for learning. A symbolic gift may be shared between those Bonded to show commitment to the work of both teaching and learning; it is in this situation that a Dragonrunner is most likely to begin to take on personality traits of their Dragon.

Winging Ceremony

In the course of a Dragonrunner's life, they may find that they have devoted themselves so totally to the Dragons that they wish to become one. If the Dragon to whom they are Bonded, or the Dragons with which they have interacted, believe the candidate 'runner to be worthy of such a transformation, a Winging Ceremony will take place. Often, 'worthiness' has to do with showing great battle prowess, loyalty, service, skill, wisdom, or similar or a combination thereof.

During this ceremony, a Dragonrunner will go through one of two changes: if they have no Draconic blood to them, their body will be prepared as a vessel to receive the spirit or partial spirit of a Dragon as deemed appropriate by the Dragons involved. If the Dragonrunner is half-Dragon, then their Draconic nature will be released so that they may take on their true form.

Known Dragonrunners

Léal Fitzmorgan, the Frenchman

Known Dragons


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