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In the beginning there was only Eon (the World Serpent, the Dragon God of Creation), a thousand Primal Forces, and the Void. And the Void hungered.

It would go on to consume realm after realm, god after god. After a time, Eon convened with the Primals that remained and devised a plan. Through many great struggles they finally trapped the Void in a gravitational realm. Though this was perceived as a victory, it came at a great cost. Eon was dying.

It was then that Eon created a cosmos he could call his own. There he would build an army. Its purpose; to once again face the void. In this space he created a planet, far superior to the others that dotted the night sky: our home. This planet needed guardians, so from his scales he made his children.

Styrrlin: a shimmering silver scale taken from above one of his great, all-seeing eyes, and molded by the light. He is the watchful eye of justice that would reign over this world.

Garren: a red scale taken from his belly, infused with the blaze that raged in his throat, resolute and fierce. He is the defender of the world that sets fire to those that would oppose it.

Halurin: from the bronze of his jawline and the tip of his teeth. Sharp-witted and playful, she is the reminder that life should be met with a smile. Amidst her duty as his messenger, she is the dragon goddess of pleasure and play.

Faluune: a black scale torn from his back, scorched from his many battles with the Void. He is a symbol of the battles fought and of comrades fallen.

Chronepsyn: extracted from the liquid of his eye, to see what cannot be seen. His duty is to judge the living and the dead. To witness the fate of the world.

Tamaren: sprung from his blood and a green scale near his horn to be the dragon goddess of life, mercy, and growth. She will spread his life giving creation across this world.

Tosa'Vorel: from the blue of Eon’s mighty wings. He is entrusted with maintaining the sky and the knowledge beneath it.

Thrungahd: molded from five scales that adorned Eon’s body. A being of chaos, constantly pulled upon by the colors that made her, she wishes to corrupt her father’s order and to rule things her way.

Sarkion: crystallized from a blood drenched talon, taken from his fatal wound and animated with his breath.The warmth and goodness that came from the great ruby dragon serves to welcome all.

To these nine Dragon gods Eon granted the world to shape and mold into his perfect paradise.

To test if his children were worthy of ruling the world, Eon opened the way to the material plane for the other Primal Forces: Melashekhaad, Pissran, Marjack, Gruumsh, Ku-rek, A'hana, Callisto, R'hllor, Ruxmjir, Uroni, Cynothoglys, Sotek, and Odyn. They were the first of many to come. Together they would create the greatest force that any realm had ever known.

A force strong enough to vanquish the Void.

With his task complete, the World Serpent began to feel himself slip away. His ashes, swept away by cosmic winds, would settle upon distant worlds to produce new and wondrous species of feral dragons. His mind, rend into memories of creation and memories of ruin, coalesced into two beings of power.

Urcanum: from his memories of creation, a vast expanse of knowledge and magic. The Storm Mother breathed invisible flames and created life unto herself. Her vast mind already knew all and so, she would travel beyond the reach of the knowledge granted to her and create a new home. A home where she could play with the laws of the cosmos and where elemental storms, infused with her new magic, would bring forth dragons in the likeness of the land. In time, Urcanum would create a link to the material plane for all dragons to travel.

Nos’Kai: from his darkest memories of the Void, a sinister aura of pain and hatred. The Serpent of Ruin looked upon the world Eon had created and dained to destroy it. In that instant, tendrils of power called to her from the edge of the cosmos; the Void was testing its prison. Nos’Kai would bring ruin on the children of Eon and Urcanum, in time. Silently, she withdrew and revelled at how rich the cosmos was with worlds yet to be consumed and the torment she would bring them.

The Void would not stay imprisoned for long.

Dragon identifiers:

1. The dragon belt flag. This belt flag needs to be at least knee length, done in your dragon color, with gold colored edging. If you decide to follow one of the draconic deities, you can put their symbol on your flag.

2. Forehead covering of some type. This is to represent that we cannot fully hide our horns in humanoid form. Brow coverings are being done by our current members as bandanas, durags, or colored line of paint. Again, Preferably in your dragon color.

3. Scaled forearms. We've got members doing this by wearing scale pattern leather bracers, making forearm "sleeves" out of scale fabric, or painting on scales.

Dragon Deity Symbol descriptions:

Eon - a prismatic shiney Disc

Urcanum - 6 wings encircling Borromean rings (form hexagram at center)

Sarkion - a faceted ruby containing a flame

Thrungahd - 5 claws/dragon heads arranged in a star formation

Tosa’Vorel- a book with a draconic eye on it

Halurin - A grinning dragon head

Chronepsyn - an unblinking Draconic Eye

Tamaren- a draconic claw holding a growing vine

Garren- a reptilian eye superimposed over a flame

Styrrlin- a platinum/silver dragons motif

Faluune- a draconic skull

Nos’Kai - corrupted eye (blue, purple, black)

Known Dragons (in no particular order): Sir Bowen, Revelle, Kiwri, Ember, Nieva, Plague, Nexus, Geshtal, Morpheus, Robin, Kain, Baner, Tailung, Pants, Shado, Datenshial, Cien Fuegos, Potato, Dez, Dhulgar, Dracon, Sylph, Shyft, Pippin, Kiva, Red Wave, Sage, Hobbit, Lucius, Solaris Cyprus, Syr Argent, Slate, Kobra, Stern, Léal Fitzmorgan, Rebekah, Mynnix, Grimhildr, Drexis, Vega, Fafnir, Sir Chimera, Maleficore, Skylynx, War, Draggeron, Pry, Astra, Little Shadow, Viridiana, Narwhals, Igneel, Shenron, Lorthran, Tad Cooper, Vareg Drago

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