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Nàdar Sub-race: Hyrrokkin

What are the Hyrrokkin?

Hyrrokkin Are creatures cursed to walk the land as ashed deformities. Hyrrokkin are souls from diseased creatures that are chosen, by the Nadar's goddess Agrona, to be given new life. Some may call it a blessing, but the "ash monsters" know the curse. Forced to walk the land as a creature fueled by revenge, despair and suffering. The Hyrrokkin only know two things, follow their goddess unconditionally, and destroy all who oppose her. The Hyrrokkin are Agrona's symbol of war and vengeance. Often the first in, and last alive, Agrona uses them strike fear into the hearts of her enemies. The Hyrrokkin are Agrona's fiercest warriors who are lead by the goddess chosen ash kin.

Ash logo1.jpg

Who is Agrona?

Agrona Goes by many names throughout the Nadar. Each name being a different perspective of the same goddess. Agrona communicates to each branch of the Nadar as a different being/name in order to be the best guide for each branch. Agrona is the goddess of war and vengeance. The Nadar goddess understood that there can not be life without death so she took form as Agrona, and the Hyrrokkin were created as the physical manifestation of her.

Why do the Hyrrokkin Exist?

Hyrrokkin were created to reform the land in Agrona's image. They are the goddess's shadow that will cover the land restoring balance in the name of Agrona. The Hyrrokkin were created to end the greedy expansion of many creatures, end the destruction of her biomes, and return all of Agrona's land back to its previous state. As the Proxumae bring life the Hyrrokkin bring death. The two branches work side by side to restore balance in the goddess' image.

How Are the Hyrrokkin Created?

There are a few ways the Hyrrokkin are created. Similar to other Nadar, Hyrrokkin are chosen by the Nadar goddess to be worthy enough to be granted new life. Similar to how the Proxumae are infused with a god plant to be the defenders of that specific biome. Hyrrokkin are formed the same way except that they are infused with a dead/decaying biome. When a biome's Life energy, the god Plant, dies it will turn to a state of decay. As the biome crumbles into ash anything that doesn't escape suffer the same fate. Out of the ash The Hyrrokkin are born. Othey ways that the Hyrrokkin are formed is by burning to death in fire, or ritual from an already formed Hyrrokkin. In the ritual a god chosen Hyrrokkin will present the creature to Agrona and if she deems them worthy Agrona will rain down fire upon them. In the fire the creature will be purified in her name. Similar to a phoenix the creature will rise out of the ash of their former self as Hyrrokkin.

What do the Hyrrokkin look like?

Hyrrokkin come from many different biomes, and many different forms of life. There is no one set look for the "ash monsters." There are key identifiers to look out for when looking for Hyrrokkin. The first one ,and the easiest way to determine if they are an "ash monster," is Agrona's symbol. When Hyrrokkin are reborn Agrona brands her symbol onto the hyrrokkin. This symbol can be in a variety of places, but it is most often branded on their face. Other subtle indicators is their "ashen" form. Due to their rebirth "ash monsters" typically have burnt up apparel, but this is determined by the biome that they were formed in.

Is there ranking, or titles in the Hyrrokkin?

In the Hyrrokkin, there isn't a traditional ranking system as many ash kin are primal by nature. However, if an ash kin shows excellence, a goddess selected hyrrokkin can ask to Agrona to sever the ties of their past life by bestowing them with a new name. Each name has a unique meaning that is known throughout the Hyrrokkin. With this god given name, they also gain access to communicate to the goddess personally. This is the highest honor the Hyrrokkin has. It symbolises leaving behind the last remaining piece of your old self and finding new life in Agrona.

Current Goddess blessed Hyrrokkin:

Cross - AnBas (The first born)

Liss - Estra (The mother of ash)

Sol - Unhaka (The foundation)

Ash War paint.jpg
Cross and liss 1.jpg

Current Hyrrokkin

Cross (An Bas) - Sabertooth Tiger

Liss (Estra) - Wolf

Sol of Korriban (Unhaka) - Scorpion

Wind - Wendigo

Rufio - Lion

Igua - Foo Dog

Seamus - Daedric

Nautilus - Cuttlefish

Sparrow - Sparrow

Nez - Undetermined

Hi-guard - Bear

Littlefoot - Undetermined

Etah - Obsidian Rock Golem

KYGO - Kappa

Lank - Bat

Poison Ivy - Parasite

Lothar - Ent

Lepish - Wolf

Jester - Kraken

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