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Lemurs are special breed of creature being a somewhat highly evolved primate of a slightly bent and twisted nature. Lemurs excel in backstabbery, stupidity, grossness, outlandish behaviors, drunkenness, general mayhem and the ability to terrify fighters who have never encountered them before. Lemurs are known for committing acts that are at on and the same time completely genius acts and the stupidest thing you have ever seen such as the dreaded rock to the foot on ground attack. The first recorded Lemur is his Disroyal Vileness known as Mollypop the Fox, King of all Lemurs. Molly is to be killed on sight by most Lemurs simply for being the King. Currently the Warrior General Shaman of the Lemur Race is Techknowe Pop of the Ravenous unit. Lemurs are not bound to a certain unit but are embraced by many units including Bladestorm, The Flying Circus, and the Army of Mordor. There are three ways to become a lemur: the first, and most common, is to accept Flesh Cup from Techknowe Pop, the second is Chewing Detail, the third is Lemur Catch. Currently the only lemur to perform all three of these acts is Wyrmy Pop. All lemurs have the Pop surname and can be recognized by their junk cloths which are large triangular pouches hanging in front of their junk. Techknowe Pop is one of the few known performers to have an act banned from Ragnarok. At Ragnarok 24 Techknowe Pop sang the now infamous "Lemur High Note" causing many in the audience to feel very queasy, subsequently this note is now banned from further Ragnarok performances much to Techknowe's dismay. Lastly all Lemurs are Catholic.

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