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*This individual is no longer a member of Belegarth due to violation of By-Laws Article 13, as of March 21st, 2020

Sir Oroku Norinaga
Belegarth Heraldry 'Azure of the Big Sky, Sable for the duality of right and wrong. Norinaga lotus and Stygian lotus Hospitaller cross for my historical leanings
Personal Heraldry 'Per chevron sable and azure, a chevron argent between three lotus flowers and fox proper rampant'
Norinaga Clan Symbol
Sir Thane, Sir Oroku, Squire Tethian
HoC Opener 2016
Oroku and Phira at Chaos Wars XVI
Squire, Knight and Page at the first Stygian Kill and Grill

Sir Oroku Norinaga, Order of the High Code, Knight Errant of Stygia, Champion to the Lady Anij
"If you've come to kill me, even these days it is not easy"-Godfrey of Ibelin

Titles: Tertiary Knight of the High Code, Knight Brother of the Round Table, Member Order of the Guilded Owl, Shogun of Stygia, Founder/Leader Shadow Clan, Olo'eyktan of House Taronyu, General of the Stygian Alliance (Flankers), Timber Wolf/Hatchling with the House Mountain Mercenaries, Captain of the Elder Guard, Conscript of the AU, Member House White Lotus, Battlemaster of UMMCS Battleschool, Patron Sponsor of the Oak Guard, Founder/Grand Vizier of the DGMA(Resigned), Presidentially Certified Marshal

Realms: Stygia

Fighting Since: May YB3 (Gorothannon Dagorhir)

Paged: Squire Phira, Chaos Wars XVI YB11

Squired: Sir Phira, Chaos Wars XVII YB12

Knighted: Highlands of Chaos Opener, YB13

Race: Grey River Foxtaur

Fighting Styles: Max Blue, Archery, Florentine, Sword and Board, Spear

Real Name:

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him

Blog: Mind of a Belegrim


Historical Lineage: King Arion The Rightful King of Middle Earth >Sir Beowulf The Dreamer AKA Sir Geoffrey of the Hillside >Sir Kalador Gamalon AKA White Tiger >Sir Thanos Dur Terrakhan >Sir Cedric Winterbourne
Knights of the Watch Lineage: Sir Turin Adlerik >Sir Bowen >Sir Andrek >Sir Phira >Sir Oroku The Errant

Belted Family

  • Sir Turin Adlerik (b.1996-Ered Duath)
    • Sir Juggernaut (b. 2018-Grey Haven)
      • Squire 3 Bears (Grey Haven)
      • Squire Freyja (Saracor)
    • Sir Bowen (b.2000-Ered Duath)
      • Sir Andrek (b.2004-Ered Duath)
        • Squire Pope(Ered Duath)
        • Sir Phira (b.2013-Mountain Mercenaries, Retired)
          • Sir Oroku Norinaga (b.2015-Stygia
            • Sir Tethian Al Lusida (b.2019-Stygia)
            • Squire Tethian Al Lu'Sida (Stygia)
      • Sir William MacGregor (b.2002-Ered Duath)
        • Sir Sasquatch (b.2006-I Anga Emyn)
    • Sir Elkar (aka Koldar)(b. 1997-Erad Duath)

Events Attended

War of the Gate III

  • War of the Gate V
  • War of the Gate VI
  • War of the Gate VII

War of the Gate VIII
Chaos Wars XV,
Chaos Wars XVI
Chaos Wars XVII
Chaos Wars XVIII
Chaos Wars XIX
Chaos Wars XX
Chaos Wars XXI
Chaos Wars XXII
Zootown Throwdown
Zootown Throwdown III (br) Frozen Warriors 2018
Thaw Brawl 2012
Thaw Brawl 2013
Thaw Brawl 2014
Thaw Brawl 2017
Snoball III
Yestare 12
War of Forbidding VII
War of Forbidding VIII
War of Forbidding IX
The Hallows II

  • The Hallows III

Sam Hain VII
Sam Hain X
War of Reckoning IV
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2013
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2015
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2016
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2017
Highlands of Chaos Opener 2019

  • Stygia Kill and Grill I
  • Stygia Kill and Grill II
  • Stygia Kill and Grill III

Battle for the Ring VI
Battle for the Ring VII
Battle for the Ring IX
Battle for the Ring X
Western Wars 2014
Western Wars 2015
Western Wars 2017
Battle of Teutonburg Wald X
Battle of Teutonburg Wald XI

  • =Event Head

Practices Attended
Ebonhold, Shannara

-Winner Herald of the Day Saturday 7/27/13 Chaos XVII
-Archery Champion War of Forbidding IX
-Sword and Sammich Champion War of the Gate VI
-Single Blue Champion Stygia Opener 2015 -Archery Champion Zootown Throwdown III

Persona History

Fleeing his island home of Odo, Oroku Norinaga, once heir to the Norinaga Clan, crossed the great sea looking for a new life. Falling in with a company of Hospitallers headed to the Holy Land on crusade the former samurai headed east hoping for riches and fame. When a falling out with this traveling companions over their less then honorable conduct forced a change in plans Oroku again found himself heading across a great sea. Now in the land of Stygia Oroku fights against the monster legion for justice and spare coin and hopes to return to Odo once more and reclaim his name, his clan, and his honor.

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