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Sir Phira
Sir Phira's Symbol
Knighting of Sir Phira Chaos Wars XVII

Full Name: Sir Phira

Titles: Knight of the High Code, Lady of the Lake, Sergeant of Arnor, Silver Dragon, Elder of Mountain Mercenaries, Alpha of Birds of Prey, Tsamsiyu with House Taronyu, Matriarch of the Drow House, Flagged Member House Valkyries, Honorary Member House Bardeshaw

Fighting Since: April 2004

Race: Drow

Fighting Styles: Archery, Florentine, Spear

Archery Champion War of Forbidding 2015, Chaos Wars XVIII

Events Attended: OctFest, Spring War, Chaos War, Wolf Pack Opener, Yestere, Sam Hain, Opener, Twauld, War of Forbidding VII, The Hallows I, II, Mordorial Day, Winter Wars, Warghoul, Animeland Wasabi, NDK, Animeland Makiba


Historical Lineage: King Arion The Rightful King of Middle Earth >Sir Beowulf The Dreamer AKA Sir Geoffrey of the Hillside >Sir Kalador Gamalon AKA White Tiger >Sir Thanos Dur Terrakhan >Sir Cedric Winterbourne
Knights of the Watch: Lineage: Sir Turin Adlerik >Sir Bowen >Sir Andrek

Belted Family

  • Sir Turin Adlerik (b.1996-Ered Duath)
    • Sir Juggernaut (b. 2018-Grey Haven)
      • Squire 3 Bears (Grey Haven)
      • Squire Freyja (Saracor)
    • Sir Bowen (b.2000-Ered Duath)
      • Sir Andrek (b.2004-Ered Duath)
        • Squire Pope(Ered Duath)
        • Sir Phira (b.2013-Mountain Mercenaries, Retired)
          • Sir Oroku Norinaga (b.2015-Stygia
            • Sir Tethian Al Lusida (b.2019-Stygia)
            • Squire Tethian Al Lu'Sida (Stygia)
      • Sir William MacGregor (b.2002-Ered Duath)
        • Sir Sasquatch (b.2006-I Anga Emyn)
    • Sir Elkar (aka Koldar)(b. 1997-Erad Duath)


Phira started as an Amtgard Ranger in St. Louis, Mo. Realizing she needed more of a combat challenge she was inducted into the Belegarth realm Arnor under the direction of King Angmarth. She attended many events and trained intensely throughout the region. During this time she acquired the skills of belly dancing, archery, garb creation and leadership. During this time she ranked to Sergeant of Arnor due to stellar performance by Griffith (Now Sir) Fenris (Now Sir) failed as her shield man, forcing her to become an awesome lone archer. Due to health related issue Phira moved to her family homestead in Wyoming. On the west side of the country, Phira continued her Belegarth career. She attended many events and made many friends. In this period she also founded what would become House Mountain Mercenaries. Eventually she moved to Colorado and continued fighting in the Dagohir realm Mordor. She returned to Wyoming and again continued her fighting career. At Chaos XV Phira was paged to Sir Par Ohmsford, became Matriarch of the Drow House, and Honorary House Bardeshaw.. During the winter of 2011 Phira moved to Idaho. At Chaos Wars XVI Phira received the belt flag of the Valkyries and was squired by Sir Andrek of the High Code. During Chaos Wars XVII she was knighted.

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