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Sir Phira (L) Sir Oroku (C) Sir Andrek (L)

Name: Andrek
Realm: Acheron
Fighting Since: 1995
Knighted by: Sir Bowen Yestare IV, 2003
Titles: Order Knight of the Watchman of Ered Duath, Knight of the High Code, Knight of the Old Code, Knight Brother of the Old Code, Warrior and Service Squire of the Watch, Former High King of the free people of Ered Duath, Champion Yestare III
Fighting Styles: Sword and Shield, Flailentine
Unit: Silver Dragons



Historical Lineage: King Arion The Rightful King of Middle Earth >Sir Beowulf The Dreamer AKA Sir Geoffrey of the Hillside >Sir Kalador Gamalon AKA White Tiger >Sir Thanos Dur Terrakhan >Sir Cedric Winterbourne
Knights of the Watch: Lineage: Sir Turin Adlerik >Sir Bowen

Belted Family

  • Sir Turin Adlerik (b.1996-Ered Duath)
    • Sir Juggernaut (b. 2018-Grey Haven)
      • Squire 3 Bears (Grey Haven)
      • Squire Freyja (Saracor)
    • Sir Bowen (b.2000-Ered Duath)
      • Sir Andrek (b.2004-Ered Duath)
        • Squire Pope(Ered Duath)
        • Sir Phira (b.2013-Mountain Mercenaries, Retired)
          • Sir Oroku Norinaga (b.2015-Stygia
            • Sir Tethian Al Lusida (b.2019-Stygia)
            • Squire Tethian Al Lu'Sida (Stygia)
      • Sir William MacGregor (b.2002-Ered Duath)
        • Sir Sasquatch (b.2006-I Anga Emyn)
    • Sir Elkar (aka Koldar)(b. 1997-Erad Duath)

Events Attended

Thaw Brawl
Chaos Wars
Sam Hain
Border Wars


Andrek started playing Battlegard when he was 15 years old, an offshoot of Dagorhir created by Vagabond Dark of the Aratari. He played Dagorhir until Ered Duath decided to join Belegarth during the split. He started with a local unit called the Asanti, a group trained primarily in the use mini glaives where he started with the name Anaki. He soon started training with a group that considered themselves the Drow of the Shadow Mountains to learn close combat fighting primarily using daggers. It was after this that he started the Unit Oasis which grew to over 100 fighters within the first year due to the fellowship program that had been implemented. He currently attends Acheron Practices.

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