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Sir Oroku as drawn by Thiadric Thumbs

Foxtaurs are a race of bipedal foxes native to the island chain of Odo. Although once numerous they are now quite rare due to deforestation and hunting. From fragments of a journal written by an explorer they are avid nest builders and expert nap takers. Ruled by a powerful warrior elite, the clans of Odo lived the centuries in an cyclic peace. With the arrival of invasive species and a market for their pelts, foxtaurs were driven deep into the forests of Odo. Some foxtaurs chose to leave the islands and can be found as shrewd traders and skillful mercenaries throughout the known world.
Young foxtaurs are called kits. Kits stay with their family tribe and full maturity is reached at fifteen years of age. Although there is much speculation, foxtaurs are not related to Kitsunes, nor do they possess multiple tails. The tail of a foxtaur will grow well into maturity and is a sign of prowess among the warrior caste. To lose one's tail in battle is the greatest shame to befall a foxtaurian warrior. Foxtaur society functioned in a feudal system. The head of the largest and most powerful families in Odo joined together to form clans, with half a dozen or more clans active at any given. Clans were divided amongst nobles, warriors, artisans and peasants. Warriors served their nobles, who in turn served their own head of family. Artisans were hired by clans and peasants were migrants with no true allegiance to the clan.
Training for kits destined to be warriors started early, at seven years. The primary weapons styles employed by most clans is a double handed, single sided sword. Spears and shorter polearms are known to be used but infrequently. Archery is highly prized as a craft and a skill. Each clan developed a unique way of fighting and these styles were passed down a family line. Other skills included tracking, stealth movement, troop tactics and battle management. Foxtaurs are known for engage a superior enemy force with little regard for their own safety. And goading others to do the same.
With the species being so rare more detailed information is hard to come by. Entry will be updated if more information is discovered.

Known Species
Grey River
Grey River foxtaurs are known for living near water, usually the mouth of coastal rivers Their coloration is mottled grey and black. Strong swimmers, fishers, and sailors.
Known Foxtaurs
Sir Oroku Norinaga

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