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Welcome to the Oktoberfest 2014 Informational Page

Head Event Coordinator: Squire Xemeo! Squire to Sir Borric the Just, of Numenor.

There will be an event in the 10th month of the 2014th year.

There is an event on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/247297535475264/

And a thread on the national boards here: http://board.belegarth.com/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=41822&p=541277#p541277

Waiver and Code of Conduct



There are some simple site rules to follow. Please read them here: http://www.geddon.org/Oktoberfest_2014_Rules


Troll Coordinator: Squire Vak! Member of House Hellhammer and Squire to Sir Borric of Numenor!

Questions about cost?
Interested in pre-registering for the event?
Interested in volunteering for a shift a troll?

Pre-registration is now open!

  • Paypal $30 (per person) to numenorprereg@gmail.com
  • Be sure to include the FIRST AND LAST NAME of each person pre-registering.

Pre-Reg Closes end of day October 3rd! So Hurry on up!


Head Herald: Squire Horus! Member of the Amyr and Squire to Sir Frosty the Fierce!
Head Herald: Squire Volpen! Member of the Dunedain and Squire to Sir Húrin of Numenor!
Head Herald: Squire Ferrin! Member of the Dark Guard and Squire to Sir Gradamere of Numenor!


(that's right, we feed you)

Feast Coordinator: Squire Glass! Squire to Sir Treethump of Numenor!
Feast Coordinator: Squire Shroud! Member of the Amyricans and Squire to Sir Húrin, greatest warrior of men in the First Age. (Not Pooky)


Tournament Coordinator: Squire Volpen! Member of the Dunedain and Squire to Sir Hurin of Numenor!

Day Tournaments

Archery Dodgeball: 4:00pm Friday
4-5 Archers per Team

  • Teams line up opposite one another (If numbers are not equal between the two teams, the larger team will sit the excess number of players)
  • All the arrows are lined up in the middle of the field
  • When the herald calls, "Lay on", the two teams race to the middle to collect arrows
  • Then you shoot each other.
  • If you get tagged (i.e. hit with an arrow), you are out.

The winner is the team with the last team member(s) standing.

4-Man Team Tournament: 3:00pm Saturday

Death in a Hat: 5:00pm Saturday

Each contestant will draw a fighting style, at random, from a hat. He/she will compete in a best of 3 set. Each winner will advance to the next round in this round-robin tournament.

Fighting Styles:

  • Single Blue
  • Sword and Shield
  • Flail and Shield
  • Javelin
  • Red
  • Florentine
  • Shield Only
  • Archery (If either competitor draws this, both combatants will use bows and arrows)
  • Dagger
  • Spear
  • Glaive
  • Unarmed/Wrestling

Night Tournament

Support Weapon Tourament 8:00-9:00pm Saturday

2-Man Team, Round-Robin Tournament

  • 1 Fighter (per team) using Sword/Flail/Axe and Shield
  • 1 Fighter (per team) Chooses from:
    • Archery
    • Glaive/Spear
    • Red Sword

Classes & Events

Class Coordinator: Squire Matthias! Member of the Dunedain and Squire to Sir Torrence Yrrot of Numenor!

Octoberfest 2014 Class Listing

Class Day(s) Time(s) Teacher Description
Amyr Basic Single Sword Saturday 10:00-11:00am Squire Shroud In a basic single sword class, we will cover

1) Stance

2) Guard positioning (what the different guards do, range/cone of attack)

3) Some basic set-ups.

Requirements: All participants will need one Class 1 (blue) weapon (Sword Preferred)

Location: Main Fighting Field

Amyr 10 Basic Shots Friday & Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm Himmel This is a class focusing on the basics of fighting with a blue class weapon. We will go over the different grips that a fighter can adopt on a weapon (hammer, pommel, saber, modified-saber) and why one is better than another.

Next, we will briefly go over how a fighter should hold themselves and stance in general, leading straight into how body mechanics are used to generate power when striking an opponent. From here, we will cover what the Amyr call the "Ten Basic Shots." This portion of the class will consist of a verbal and visual explanation of the strike being taught, followed by students practicing the strike on each other under the supervision of one of the Amyr.

Students are encouraged to bring a blue weapon with a legal stabbing tip. Coming with a partner is not required as student will be paired as necessary.

Location: Main Fighting Field

Archery Safety Friday 9:00-9:30am Hippie This class will cover the basic safety precautions and topics relevant to archers and those fighting against archers (i.e. EVERYBODY).
Basic Leather Working with Tandy Leather Thursday & Friday 9:30-11:30am R'Tan Want your own pair of custom bracers for use at Octoberfest? Learn basic leatherworking skills with an expert leathersmith from Tandy Leather Factory.
  • Basic Armor: Cut and make your own custom bracers and leave with working knowledge to help you craft the rest of your armor at home ($30 per person for supplies)
  • Belt Pouch: Cut and make your own belt pouch, and leave with the perfect accessory to hide all your modern necessities like keys, phone, and wallet ($15 per person for supplies)

Location: GP Large/Feast Tent

Basic Leather Working with Tandy Leather Saturday 3:00-5:00pm R'Tan (See Above)
Event Planning/Improvisational Cooking Thrusday 5:00-6:00pm Ursyne This class will cover how to plan for a feast over 100+ people. It will cover the basics of covering costs, preparation, storage, and cooking of the meal for large groups of people. Most of the time you will find something goes wrong with your best laid plans, and will need to improvise something on the fly! This will also cover how to think like a MacGuyver to cooking at an event site if needed.
  • There is a $3 fee to cover preparation supplies
Fighter's Fitness Friday & Saturday 10:00-11:00am Rabhas the Juggernaut Physical fitness for the martial arts athlete that addresses speed, flexibility, agility, strength and endurance. Primarily focused on body weight, and can be adapted for use with weight training. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, towel or something to lay on (in case the ground is wet) and water to drink.

Beginners-->Advanced students welcome, something for everyone.

Location: TBD

Fundamentals of Archery Thursday 10:00-11:30am Sir Kyrian The fundamentals of archery will cover the basics of Belegarth archery such as archery safety,calling shots, types of equipment, proper form, training techniques, and the different types of shots. While it’s not absolutely required, bringing a Bel-legal bow and at least 1-2 arrows will allow the attendee to gain the maximum benefit from the class. It will be geared towards those interested in starting archery or as a review of the fundamentals.
  • Class Size: Max 15
  • Location: Main Fighting Field
Introduction to Combat Archery Thursday 2:00-3:30pm Sir Kyrian The introduction to combat archery class will cover various topics within combat archery such as target priorities, leading targets, being in the melee, and training techniques. While it’s not absolutely required, bringing a Belegarth-legal bow, a back-up melee weapon and/or shield, and at least 1-2 arrows will allow the attendee to gain the maximum benefit from the class. This class is geared towards fighters who already have had some archery training (to include my fundamentals class).
  • Class Size: Max 20
  • Location: Main Fighting Field
Introduction to Small Unit Tactics Friday 2:30-4:00pm Sir Kyrian The introduction to small-unit tactics class will cover the concepts behind the basic tactics, how to deal with multiple opponents, and training drills to reinforce the concepts taught in the class. There are no prerequisites for the class. To be an active participant, a person should bring their preferred weapon style.

Class Size: Max 30 Location: Main Fighting Field

Single Sword Fighting for All Exp. Levels Saturday 4:00-5:00pm Sir Peter the Quick An open discussion and Question and Answer session about combat skills using a single sword. All levels of fighting are welcome and encouraged to participate.

This will provide a valuable opportunity to practice your combat skills in an non-competitive setting with positive instruction.

Weapons Checking Basics Saturday 8:30-9:30am Sir Torrence This will be a short class to introduce people on how to help at weapons check. We'll go over how to check a variety of weapons and shields, focusing on the most common types seen at check. Proper technique for using a template will be demonstrated, as well as common best practices used by a majority of major events in the area.

Bring your gear, as you will be checking your own equipment. Time permitting, it may even get checked and passed to fight before weapons check even opens

Location: Weapons Check


Event Day(s) Time(s) Coordinator Description
Bardic Games Friday 8:00-10:00pm Sir Morpheus & Caleidah Belegarth's world renowned talent exposition. So if you are a singer, hula hooper, fire spinner, storyteller, or any other side show performer, WE WANT YOU!
Family Social Friday 2:00-4:30pm Lady Armstrong A gathering for all Babies, Hobbits, Kids, and their parents.
Garb Contest Friday 7:00-8:00pm Fury thumb Garb Contest
Guild Meet-Up Saturday 5:00-6:00pm Lady Armstrong A Meet and Greet for the Seneschal and Artificer Guilds
Valkyries Meeting Friday 4:30-5:30pm Eternitie Valkyrie's Meet up and Social Gathering

Knightings, Vigils, Barrels, OH MY!

Thursday Night

Caleidah's Sons of Sylas Vigil

Friday Night

Knighting of Squire Melannen: 5:00pm

Squire Trogdor's Knights Vigil

Caleidah's Sons of Sylas Paladin Ceremony


Knighting of Squire Volpen: Morning

Squire Trogdor's Endurance Trial: Morning

Bluff's Sons of Sylas Initiation Trial: Morning

Squire Trogdor's Knighting: After Feast


Vendor Coordinator: Squire Xemeo! Squire to Sir Borric the Just, of Numenor.

Merchants Description
Kenneth Jameson "Pheonix Forge and Ironworks. Feastware, horn mugs and bottles!"
Foametheus "Manufacturer and retailer of fine foam weapons and materials"
Bearpaw Creations "Custom and redesigned items for the eclectic person. One of a kinds, originals, and inspired replicas."
Forged Foam "Your place for the best in medieval combat gear"
Rashelle's Craft Creations "Custom sewing, tatting, plastic canvas, & more"
Tandy Leather Factory Leathercraft and Leather Craft Supplies
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