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Fighter Information

Sir Trogdor looking spiffy! Photo by Lady Armstrong.

Fighting Name: Sir Trogdor the Burninator
Squired Under: Sir Dameon Orcenfol
Knighted: Oktoberfest 2014
Realm: Muxlovia
Fighting Style: Some various form of a foam stick...and Board, Polearm, Silliness
Unit: Amyr
Sub Unit: The Kamakazi Water Melon's

Interesting Information

  • Former barreler of House Hellhammer
  • Started fighting Aug 2006
  • One of the few Professional Musicians in Belegarth
  • Apprentice of Sir Farrin Hellhammer for Music
  • "Son" of Lady Armstrong
  • "Second most underrated fighter in Belegarth" - Melannen

Events Attended

  • Spring War
  • Loderia mini event
  • Muxlovia Mayhem
  • Armageddon
  • Rhun Closer
  • Oktoberfest
  • Kill Grill & Chill
  • Rhun in June
  • Wolfpack Opener

Fighter History

Trogdor was born man, or maybe he was a dragon man....or maybe he was just a dragon. Anyway I digress. Trogdor started fighting during some god-forsaken hot month in 06. Ever since that day, I have felt a strange urge to burninate all people at all times, including their thatched roof cottages. After a few years of waiting, I finally became a barreler of House Hellhammer. Burninating many people under the Black and Gold Banner of Chaos. The Chaos had made my half dragon-man side fuse with that of the powerful chaos troll, and there was much burnination. The years passed, but the hold of Hellhammer's power grew less and less. I eventually parted ways with the House of Chaos, but still remember them fondly in my heart and call them great friends. I wandered the country side, burninating the peoples as I went, and then I came across the Company of Rogues. I had heard about them, and their exploits in battle and had desired to burninate them, or burninate what I could from them. As I grew closer, they accepted me and my burninating desires into the group where I reside burninating the countryside, and can generally be seen making funny noises with brother Smiley followed by much laughter and humor and eating people's food after I have burninated them....Or arguing with Ahlschwede about the ways of burnination. Generally, the latter happens alot...Oh and I hit people with Foam Sticks :)

Mel and Trogdor on the field. Photo most likely by Lady Armstrong.
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