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Amyr Symbol - Lotus
The Amyr at Oktoberfest 2014
The Amyr at Oktoberfest 2013



The Amyr were founded in 2012 from the former members of Belegarth's disbanded Rogue Company. The unit was created to emphasize sound fundamentals in fighting, excellent garb, and willingness to teach new skills to all members of the game. The unit traditionally seeks out its new members, looking for fighters that bring out the best in those around them, are self motivated in bettering themselves, and who have a drive to learn everything they can so they can spread it back to the rest of the Belegarth community. The Amyr is a unit built on group trust and friendship, and the unit members see themselves as a family.

  • Colors: Navy, Black, and White
  • Sybmol: White Lotus


The Amyr's mission is to better the sport of Belegarth by upholding its four foundational pillars: fighting fundamentals, garb, gear technology, and teaching. The belief is that by being good examples of each pillar, its members will create an association between each pillar. For example, a fighter that appreciates and wants to learn one of the Amyr's fighting skills will hopefully associate that same skill with their weapons, good garb, and willingness to teach. From there, as fighters see members of the Amyr as role models in one area, they will also strive to improve in the other associated areas as well.

Four Pillars

  • Fighting Fundamentals: The key to excelling as a fighter is to have a solid foundation from which to grow. The areas of footwork, posture, weapon grip, body mechanics, shot selection, range control, shield work, weapon guards, reading your opponent, and an overall intelligent, safe approach to fighting make up the core of this pillar.
  • Garb: A fighter's garb is an expression of their personality and a means to identify as an individual and as part of a group. Garb is one of the first things noticed about a fighter, and it becomes symbolic of a fighter's attitude, prowess, and ideals. Garb should be appropriate to one's climate, durable to withstand the strain put upon it, and expressive of the fighter's personality.
  • Gear Technology: Crafting balanced, durable gear that will perform its function at a high level and withstand the rigors of fighting is an art. There is always room for improvement as new ideas and technologies are uncovered by testing new designs.
  • Teaching: Condensing experience and passing on the knowledge gained through years of fighting is an important skill and an even more important aspect of how Belegarth grows as a community. The Amyr keep no secrets and make the whole of their knowledge available to anyone who asks.

Classes and Learning

In pursuit of bettering the Belegarth, the Amyr organize and instruct classes at all national events they attend. These classes are usually focused on the core fundamentals of fighting and garb accessory creation, but the content varies based on the size of the class and the relative skill level of its participants. Some classes are

  • The Ten Basics Shots
  • Single Blue (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Two-Sword (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Shieldwork (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • "Legged is Dead": How to Easily Kill Legged Fighters
  • Macrame Belt Making

In addition to organized classes, members of the Amyr make themselves available throughout events for personal instruction and sparring.

Helpful Tutorial Videos

Background Lore

The unit borrows its name from The Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss. In this series of books, The Holy Order Amyr is mysterious group described as being equal parts knight-errant and vigilante. They had judiciary powers in both secular and religious courts, and their credo roughly translates to "for the Greater Good." The symbol of the novel's Amyr is a flaming tower, and their highest ranking members, the Ciridae, tattooed their hands to appear covered in blood.

Galactic God-King and His Court

  • Petrox, Eviscerator of Souls
  • Johannax, the Black Blade of Reckoning
  • Goretron, the Prophetess, Devourer of Hope
  • Malaiseon, Harbinger of Disaster




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