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Sir Peter the Quick

Peter at Armageddon 5

Started fighting in late 2001, at Tir Asleen with Falkor and soon after my brother Kerox

Knighted by Sir Beauregaurd Brutus Elevo the Implacable Oktoberfest 2009

Founder and Captain of the Amyr 2012

Retired Belegarth Rogue Company Captain 2012

Order of the Gilded Owl

Earned Warlord in Amtgard 2010

Proud member of Henneth-Annun Retired from HA Gedon 2009

Currently living in the Bettendorf Iowa.

Currently fighting for the Realm of Numenor.

I'm a true through and through "stick-jock" I believe in furthering foam fighting. Learning all i can from anyone i can learn from. Pushing the ideas of technique, body mechanics, aggressive shield work, both ranging and close proximity fighting (known as grinding). Learning to control your movements and to influence your opponents movements by center line manipulation, feints, stance and guard positioning.

Pushing myself, my ideas of foam fighting, spreading my knowledge and bettering foam fighting as a whole are my utmost goals in foam fighting.

Big influences in my fighting carrier have been Sir Spyn Thrift N'than, Ed the Dread, Daemarth of Henneth-Annun, Brutus of Henneth-Annun, Sir Kenneth, Sir Beauregaurd Brutus Elevo the Implacable, Ex roommate Mekoot Bhakdar, and long time childhood friend Falkor of Henneth-Annun.

"I believe in a very structured style of fighting. Based on sound defensive and reading skills, and forcing your opponent into predictable situations which herald predictable results. Under Belegarth rules, i believe in very physical, aggressive, offensive shield work and using correct body mechanics to deliver significant force."

Classes taught at Rhun Closer 2008

SKBC 2009 Bel Sword Board With Spyn Thrift N'than

Tournaments Championships









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