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The Iron Halo

Headhunters endure the most rigorous and extensive gauntlet of fighting trials known to Belegarth to become the elite guard of the Horde. They protect Izareth and serve as the Horde's most brutal destruction squad. Their image and devastating power in battle commands respect from monsters and pinkies alike. They don the crest of the Iron Halo, symbolizing a new era of monsterdom that transcends the boundaries of race and skryll. Any monster race within the Horde can aspire to become a Headhunter, however the journey is meant for few. Pinkies sometimes call Headhunters the Knights of Horde... and then they bleeding. Ah hah ha ha ha ha.



Headhunters don the title of Mekoot upon completion of their Token Trials and Crossroads. Below lies the lineage of the Mekoot including who purged them of all final weakness, the time of their Crossroads, and their primary sponsor.

Mekoot Nanga - Donned the 1st by the High General Izareth at Armageddon I
Mekoot Davit - Stricken by Izareth at Armageddon II, Sponsor: Nanga
Mekoot Bhakdar - Smitten by Izareth at Armageddon II, Sponsor: Nanga
Mekoot Lob'o - Punched by Nanga at Armageddon III, Sponsor: Nanga
Mekoot Gorlock - Simultaneously hit by Mekoot Bhakdar and Mekoot Davit at Oktoberfest 2006 Sponsor: Bhakdar
Mekoot Ikis - Cuffed by Gorlock and Bhakdar at Chaos Wars 11, Sponsor: Gorlock
Mekoot Darvax - Smacked by Gorlock and Lob'o at Armageddon IX, Sponsor: Lob'o
Mekoot Rowan - Ceremoniously bachanded by Gorlock and Darvax at Oktoberfest 2012, Sponsor: Gorlock
Mekoot Kraylose - Decked by Gorlock at Chaos Wars 18, Sponsor: Gorlock
Mekoot Silo - Clocked by Darvax, Ikis, and Gorlock at Chaos Wars 19, Sponsor: Gorlock
Mekoot Atman - Stricken by Kraylose, Rowan, Darvax, Gorlock and Lob'o at Oktoberfest 2017
Mekoot Kodite - Hit by Atman, Gorlock, Darvax, Rowan, Kraylose and Lob'o at Oktoberfest 2019

Note: Stricken names are of Headhunters who are no longer with the group and have renounced their titles by choice, or by becoming a knight.

The Enclave

The first five Headhunters comprise the Enclave or governing council of the Headhunters. This body votes on group issues and on whether and when to accept new warriors. Majority votes are needed to pass decisions and unanimous votes are required to bring in new Mek. Enclave members may nominate another Headhunter to assume their place in the case of extended leave or inactivity.

The Enclave currently consists of: Gorlock, Ikis, Darvax, and Rowan.


Any warrior of the Horde surpassing four seasons of service to Izareth may petition the Enclave to join the Headhunters' ranks. An accepted warrior becomes known as a "Mek" (pronounced meek). Status as a Mek indicates that the monster is ferocious and vigilant enough to pursue the token trials, however they must endure brutality as well as humility to belong amongst Izareth's elite guard. The warrior's surname remains 'Mek' until they don the full title of Mekoot.

Current Meks: Baloo, Coat

Notes on usage:
'Mek' functions as singular, plural, surname, and nickname:

"Show that Mek what's up"
"Kegg is the newest Mek" (And den dey bleeding! Oh ho ho... We made a funny!)
"Call Mek Ibikabibus over here"
"Hey Mek! Put that down!"

However, 'Mekoot' is only used as a title, similar to 'Sir' for Knights. So while "Hey Mekoot" is correct, "show that Mekoot what's up" is not.

  • Please remember: Mekoot = Sir, Headhunter = Knight

Token Trials

Mek accepted by the Enclave must prove their ability through a series of challenges. These trials test the warrior's Strength, Speed, Skill, Brutality, Cunning, Battle-Mind, Offensive power, and Defensive might. A gauntlet is bestowed to each fist for proving offensive and defensive ability, while a magic bead or token is granted for each other trial. The Mek must pass seven out of eight trials or they can choose to omit one test and pass all others. Tokens and gauntlets are distributed to respected veterans of the Belegarth community who thus become trial masters. Mek must conquer each test thus acquiring their token from each trial master. Token trials are rigorous as they are all conducted within the passing of two moons at a single event. Upon completion of their token trials, the Mek journeys onwards in search of the goblyn Crossroads.


Three paths converge by a river forming the fabled goblyn Crossroads. This mysterious Crossroads seldom appears but beckons a host of renowned fighters to test the Enclave's chosen warrior. When the Mek arrives at the river, their sponsor from the Enclave emerges and summons forth a tide of challenging opponents. Challengers charge in from each path and do not relent until death reaches them. The questing Mek may have as many as three opponents at once and cannot escape the barrage until all enemies lie dead. All final weakness is then purged from the warrior as a sponsor from the Enclave delivers a blow to their temple. Transcending weakness, the warrior emerges anew as a Mekoot. Robes, armor, and the Iron Halo are bestowed upon them as they enter into the ranks of Izareth's most elite guard.

Death Chants

Nanga's Death Chant
Boom-Boom! Mash-gru-mash!
Boom-Boom! Mash-gru-mash!

Horde For-the-Win!

Ogre's Chant for Fury from Fire!
Uganggi! Uganggi! Ma-Oh-Shi-Ah!
Uganggi! Uganggi! Ma-Oh-Shi-Ah!

Bhakdar's Poem o' Pleasure Killing
Pinky blood rains from sky
Baby heads fly so high
Humans will be dead by night
The land will again be right!

Elves run in terror
Gnomes hide in fear
Dwarves cower low
Dreading Mekoot's blow
Headhunters draw near!
Bring blood, pain, and tear!

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