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Nanga Ynnad Doomspear, Headhunter of the Horde.

Real Name: Nanga

Race: Bugbear, of course. Stupid human..

Fighting Since: hmm... its been a long time?

God: Marjack. Of course. Stupid human..

Weapon of Choice: Yes, that one.

Unit: Horde (see "Race" or "God" for end of statment)

Hates: Elf. All elfs. Elfie elfs, dark elfs, half elfs, seen an elf once.. all elfs. Also humans. Oh, and Dwarfs. Dont forget about pixies. Yeah, and demons, devils.. hate.

Favorite Things: Watching people rub the spot I just hit them on the field.

Heilsa! Nanga has already told pink ones about the tribes of Bugbears, and the castes of Bugbear tribe. Nanga was the Hidewalker, and Gojun'Ashi of the Dead River. Nanga is also a Headhunter, and sits on the Enclave. Ask Nanga to tell story (there are alot) at some camp fire, when Nanga is worshipping Marjack. Humans can tell when Bugbear is worshipping Marjack, because Bugbear is drinking. (in the story..) Nanga not understand why Izareth has other monsters.. after all, there be five Bugbears. But someone need to die first, so maybe that is why there be Skaven, Hobgoblyns, and others.

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