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==Captain Izareth Voldranai ak ni Rered Naw==

High General of the Horde.
Dreng of Dead River.
Destroyer of Man.
Head Herald of Dur-Demarion.
Hand of the Gods Clan.

Izareth Voldranai left from the Eastern Tribe of the Closed Door with a skryll of Goblyns in order to investigate western lands for conquer. Accompanied by Malevan Rered'Naw, Blixxx, Skrade Wormweed, Kudzu, and Snotbelly; his mission was soon realized. After determining the lands ripe for subjugation, he returned and embarked on a rallying of the monsterous races, long held at bay by humans in their respective regions.

After the unification of the Goblyn tribes and the addition of Orc Lizardmen, BugBears, Hobgoblynz, Trolls, Skaven, Kobolds, and Ogres to this mighty army, he continues to lead an aggressive campaign sighted to conquer or destroy all lands before the mighty Horde.

High General IZARETH unites the monsters, forging the Horde from the visions bestowed upon him by the Gods, the intensity of his spirit, and fierce allegience of those under his command.
Once united, the monsters are unstoppable because this monster, Izareth is the most two-faced creature in existence and will say anything to anyone to get them on his side while all the while behind their backs he stabs them repeatedly. There is no telling how far this "creature" will go to get what he wants.If, however, you want to know what he wants, you need only ask him. I once asked him what he wanted and he responded "cake!"
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