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Rhûn is a realm based in Madison, Wisconsin originally known as Clan of the Hydra


Clan of the Hydra started in late 2004 in Germantown, WI, where Kayle, Sorbo and a few friends picked up some Edhellen weapons and started messing around with them. Looking through the provided rules, they rather liked the Belegarth system and decided that they wanted to know more. After talking with a couple of people, they went forward to start a new realm in Wisconsin, which at that time was sorely lacking in any Belegarth presence. It was also decided that they wanted to focus on fighting together as a group and looking and acting the part of a group of medieval warriors. So Clan of the Hydra set out to do just that with unified garb, a good mix of weaponry, and a good overall attitude.

After almost six months of fighting in the Germantown area, the leadership and many of the primary members of Clan of the Hydra moved to Madison, WI. Once there they effectively restarted the realm using the college campus as a recruitment and practice area. Since then, they have recruited many fighters and attended events, making new friends and learning more about Belegarth in the process.

As of April 2006, Kayle announced Clan of the Hydra will no longer be the name of the realm in Madison, WI. The new name of this realm is Rhûn. Clan of the Hydra continues to exist but will continue on as a unit instead of a realm.

Rhûn received voting rights in the June/July 2006 voting session of War Council.

Rhûn currently hosts two mini-events, Rhûn Closer and Rhûn in June. Rhûn Closer often takes place in the beginning of December, while Rhûn in June is usually in June, of course!

In 2009, Kayle decided to step down from his responsibilities as realm leader. Other former realm leaders include: Samhain, Salamander, Jarvis, Tulio, Martok

The Realm


Total Members (guesstimate): 20
Total # at practice normally: 10

Practice is held every Thursday from 7 p.m. til 10pm at the U.W Stock Pavilion. Reach us on Facebook, please feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to answer any question you might have!

Units that attend weekly:

The Oak Leaf

On August 5th, 2006 a member of Rhûn, Dusty McLeod (Oak), died in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was a good fighter and dear friend of many within the realm. The oak leaf was added to the Rhûn heraldry in honor of him.

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