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Sir Brutus: "Lo, dark clouds do gather in the West. They bring my sword, and it brings death.
Sir Brutus

Brutus Destructicus

Realm: Riverbend, formerly of Numenor

Units: Henneth-Annun, formerly of Knights of Numenor, co-founder of The Army of Numenor, formerly of House Hellhammer

Brutus has been fighting since the fall of 1999. He was active in Numenor for several years and contributed substantially to running Numenor in those days, as well as running Numenor's events. He was squired to Kegg and knighted at Armageddon I in June 2002. He resigned his knighthood in disgust several years later in protest of the apathy and low standards to which the Knights of Numenor had fallen.

He began hanging out with Daemarth and Angwynn at Armageddon I, and eventually joined their unit, Henneth-Annun. The magnificent 7 went on to great things, before fragmenting and parting company around 2008, though the core yet remained...

Brutus, along with Daemarth and Angwynn founded the realm of Riverbend on March 13, 2004. The realm never had more than single-digit attendance, though the annual "Opener" and "Closer" events became local mini-events, drawing visitors from Arnor, Numenor, and Henneth-Annun. These events exceeded 20 fighters on several occasions, mainly due to free food. In November of 2007, Riverbend laid down its spears and went on hiatus due to mundane responsibilities and lack of interest.

On August 8th, 2008, Brutus married Angwynn in a breeding experiment designed to produce the Kwisatz Haderach. On May 26th, 2010, this breeding program bore its fruit in the form of children Lyra Astrid (5 pounds, 13 ounces) and her twin brother, Janus Augustus (5 pounds, 1 ounce). While time has yet to prove whether the goal was achieved with either of these offspring, already the omens are full of portents.

In early 2010, having returned from his pilgrimages and again seeking to slake his lust for blood, Brutus implored Daemarth and Angwynn to resurrect Riverbend. After great negotiations, it was agreed and Riverbend was reborn in June of 2010. While it was on hiatus, the few regular members had been hard at work recruiting for their own warbands. These disparate groups united under the newly sewn Riverbend banner, and the Riverbend of today is stronger than ever.

As of summer 2010, Brutus was busy nurturing his spawn, tending to Riverbend, and living a peaceful life. But already whispers could be heard in the shadowy corners of inns far off the beaten path, where men of ill-repute gather and weave their dark plots. Most of these rumors were almost certainly just that - rumors. Some spoke of ringing hammers echoing from far off in the hills. Others heard of great caravans from all corners of the map converging on the Realm at the meeting of the 3 rivers. Did it mean war, or was there some other purpose to these rumblings? Though the stories differ in detail, on one point all seem to agree. Brutus is back, and he has work to do.

Recent Events Attended

Springwar 2014 Chaos Wars XVIII (2014) Beltaine 2015

A young Brutus, shortly after performing in the Gladiator pit at Octoberfest 2000 as the bear.
Brutus fights three combatants at a Riverbend practice in 2010
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