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Ruin leads a charge - August, 2010

Small realm located in Godfrey, Illinois, across the river north of St.Louis. Founded in 2004.

Style of Government: Riverbend is ruled with an iron fist by triumvirate. The three members of the triumvirate are Angwynn, Daemarth, and Brutus. Disagreements between the three are settled by feats of strength, with Angwynn being the most frequent victor.

Noted for revised ruleset for normal practices:

  • Proportional weight minimums and balance point minimums based on weapon length.
  • no differentiation between stabs and slashes (stabs and missiles damage armor).
  • no headshots with javelins
  • no rocks
  • restricted bashing and grappling rules for safety concerns (no bashing gimps, etc.)
  • Minimum age: 12 (Special "scout" class for anyone under 16 or wanting to refrain from contact)
  • Heavier weight minimums for weapons with multi-direction striking surfaces (clubs, flails, maces)
  • 120" maximum perimeter for shields (3x2 punch shield)
  • Heavy/light shields take 2/1 red hits to break.
Two lines converge - August, 2010

Fighting Style:

  • Heavy contact, frequent bashing and grappling.
  • Prevalance of double-cores, and heavier weapons in general due to weight minimums.
  • Field Battles, as well as scenario battles, and sport-fighting hybrids (like Ultimate Combat Frisbee)
  • Large assortment of weapons from missiles to reds to shields.
  • Very high garb standards with "Peasant Rule" for people violating garb minimums (loaner garb available for rent)

Attendance Figures (Median/Average):

  • 2011: 14 / 12.06
  • 2012: 13.5 / 15.26
  • 2013: 20 / 20.65
  • 2014: 14 / 15.07
Falkor stabs people at a Riverbend practice in August, 2010

Realm Leaders:





Local Units:

Each year Riverbend hosts an opener in March and a closer in November. These events draw guests from St.Louis's Arnor as well as members of Numenor, and Henneth-Annun. There is always free food and good hard fighting at these events.

Website: Riverbend

FaceBook: Riverbend

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