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The Book and Blade, banner of the Sons of Sylas.

Mission Statement:

Sons of Sylas is a unit dedicated to bettering ourselves and the game around us through volunteerism, personal effort, and dedication. On the field, we push ourselves to become better fighters via classes, sparring, and challenges. Off the field, we operate as a tight knit family unit, camping, eating, and spending time with one another outside of events. We strive to excel in all fields that we participate in, with a focus on garb and armor that stand above the field average.


Sons of Sylas was first created in the fall of 2010 purely as a House. It was founded by Caleidah, who was joined at the time by Summit and Mint. After Armageddon of 2011, with Caleidah leaving the Clan of the Hydra, Sons became its own unit. The numbers grew slowly but steadily and, at Oktoberfest of 2014, Sons stepped onto the field as a combat unit, having hit the initial goal of eight combatants (the event where the Sons declared open war on Horde).


The demon brand.

We are the followers of Sylas, our patron god, and use his power and guidance to strike down demons and their summoners, witches, violators of divine law, and other evils. Our greatest purpose is to seek out destroy the agents of Zalen, the most ancient enemy of Sylas.


Members of Sons have all put in a portion of time ranging from one year to two from first joining to becoming a fully vetted Initiate. This long period of time is to ensure that they are certain of their decision in joining and to make certain that they fit into the dynamic of the unit at large.

Sons of Sylas at Wolfpack 2014.
Sons following Mint's initiation.

At the head of the unit is a single Palatine. Under them, pending region, are Castellans. Justicars are Initiates who have spent time as a Seeker completing a number of trials, including improving their garb and armor. Initiates are full members with leadership rights. Disciples are full members with voting rights. Neophytes are individuals who have just become involved with the unit and have not yet gone through their vote-in.

  • Phippa - Journeyman - Inactive
  • Bluff - Initiate - Initiated Oktoberfest 2014 - Inactive
  • Calewin Grix - Initiate - Initiated Armageddon 2017 - Inactive
  • Apollonia - Journeyman​ - Inactive
  • Petite - Neophyte - Inactive
  • Doofie - Initiate - Inactive
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