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Fighter Information

Centi at Practice!

Name: Centi
Actual Name: Ann
Gender: Female
Race: Kiwi
Realm: Minas Ithil
Unit: Sons of Sylas
Primary Fighting Style: Literally Whatever is Handy. Spear n Dagger, Hatestick n Punch.
House: House Valkyries
Fighting Since: Spring 2014

Other Information

  • Former Realm Leader of Minas Ithil (Spring 2015 to Fall 2017)


Centi began as a young fighter seeking her path at the crossroads of what once was the Western Keep of Dunharrow. There she found Kracken, whom she trained under vigorously for months. She worked hard and trained hard through several injuries and earned the respect of her peers. With her quick wit and charisma she created a strong following in DeKalb and solidified the realm that is now known as Minas Ithil.
One night, she was captured by Quickie, the resident goblyn of DeKalb. When she awoke, she found her body crowded, as she was instilled with a goblin soul and became the second of a new race, the Kiwis. It is unclear how this happens whether it be witchdoktor majicks or goblyn trickery, and the goblyn Quickie may not even know himself. His intentions are not clear either, as it may have been by mistake that he took his pinkie snack and turned her into a ferocious Kiwi spy, or he did so with intent to further his own desires amongst his race. All Centi knows is that she slides among groups seeking knowledge and leeway wherever she is. With the new soul she finds herself more tenacious and determined as she schemes, often divided between doing the right thing, and doing the fun thing.
Now she seeks aide from the Sons of Sylas, as she was invited to petition for her deeds in the sport. She hopes the god Sylas, can help settle her divided soul. Otherwise she will remain her Kiwi self…

Events Attended

Armageddon 2015
Oktoberfest 2015
Wolfpack Opener 2016
Sand plains Closer 2016
Armageddon XV
Obsidian Harvest 2016
KGC 2016
Oktoberfest 2016
Take your Hitsmas 2016
Wolfpack Opener 2017
Armageddon XVI
KGC 2017
Oktoberfest 2017


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