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Quicky at Armageddon 2013. Photo by Aron Cates


Fighter Information

Fighting name: High Jester "Quickie" Tengu, the 5th Khadine
Real name: Josh Quick
Fighting since: 2005
Realm: Dunharrow
Unit: Jester's Court
Race: Night Goblyn
Primary Fighting Style: Bat and board
Secondary Fighting Style: Red

Other Information

  • Khadine Quickie blooded and was blooded by Khadine Kazi.
  • Khadine Quickie named the Skryll of Crossing, with Krikit and Ink as his trusted swords.
  • Khadine Quickie killed 346 fighters on the day of his Reaving at Armageddon 2017. (Average of 3.2 per battle)
  • Khadine Quickie faced his Goblyn Crossroads at Armageddon 2018
  • Brother of Hardwear
  • Head Event Coordinator of Dunharrow Kill, Grill and Chill 2019

Belegarth Events Attended

Photo Gallery

Quickie at Oktoberfest 2010. Photo by Stonehouse Park Staff.
Armageddon XVI Photo by Joseph Nick.
Quickie at Spring Wars 2010. Photo by Jessica Leatherby.
Quickie at Oktoberfest 2019. Photo by Pixie in a Box Photography.
Quickie during his Goblyn Crossroads at Armageddon 2018. Photo by Joseph Nick.
Quickie at Dunharrow Independence Day Mini 2017. Photo by Moosewitch Photography.
Quickie at Wolfpack Opener 2018. Photo by Yeshua.
Quickie at Wolfpack Opener 2014. Photo by Serenity Tomala-Jordan.
Quickie at Oktoberfest 2022. Photo by Nahdia's Photography.
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