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The Son of Sylas.


Fighter Profile

Name: Caleidah (ka-LEY-duh) Caellach Ansgar Heldraugh

  • Also known as: Cale, Cornfed, Sir Fancypants


Unit: Palatine of the Sons of Sylas: 2011-Current
Race: Human, but some think he be bugbear, or maybe four Goblyns in Grik suit...who know?
Fighting Since: Spring 2009
Likes to kill people with: Lefty Sword and Board, Giant Hammers, Love

Interesting Information

Squire Static atop Caleidah's shoulders. Photo by Woozle


Lots. Ask in person. Bring a snack.

Events Attended

The Sons and Daughters of Sylas at Armageddon 2013. Photo by Siren
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