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King Kingsford, in host body Skorr, at Oktoberfest '05

The Kingdom of Wildwood currently has less than 5 members. It is protected by a much larger undisclosed number of Knights. They are often targeted and not held in high regard by some other Knights because of the difference in their structure of Knighthood.

Knighthood can only be gained at events, and must be granted by a Knight of Wildwood. Knighthood is not always gained voluntarily, Knighting flybys have been known to happen. Knights granted knighthood in this way are rare, but still respected by the other Knights of Wildwood.

King Kingsford:
ALL HAIL KING KINGSFORD, LORD OF FLAME! Not much is known of King Kingsford, except that in order to prevent being overthrown or assassinated, through powerful magic the King is able to channel his spirit into different Knights, the King will typically have a different body for every battle.

Secret Identity / Alter Ego:
Knights of Wildwood come from all races, realms, and units for a common cause. Sometimes their own brothers and sisters do not know of their knighthood.

On the field:
In order to not offbalance the game, the Knights of Wildwood limit the times they ASSEMBLE at events.

To learn more about the history, structure, and goals of the Knights of Wildwood, you must seek out a KoW at an event and have them pass along the knowledge in person.

But, for a brief history: the Knights were first created at an Oktoberfest when a fighter was jokingly "knighted" late one night by Killian, one of the original members of the Realm of Wildwood. This fighter and their merry band approached a mysterious figure and offered to knight them as well. The mysterious figure accepted, but insisted they not use his given name, but rather Knight him Sir Gin General. The next knight insisted that he be dubbed Sir Bian Terrorist (circa 2006, this is obviously not at all funny and never really was). The rest is somewhat-amusing history.

The Knighthood spread like alcohol-infused wildfire. The next day, to the shock of the one present member of Wildwood, nearly thirty fighters, all freshly knighted, joined him to fight for the honor of Wildwood. Within a year, the Knights of Wildwood were ASSEMBLING nearly eighty knights at a time and crushing the field during Realm (and sometimes Unit) battles.

Now, if you've ever wondered whether or not Belegarth is actually ruled by a cabal of secretive powers-that-be . . . you are correct. Because those very individuals appeared one night, after the KoW had once again crushed the assembled field during Realm battles, and informed the Knights that their joke was NO LONGER FUNNY. Thus, the Knights of Wildwood dispersed, to be seen again only in the small hours of the early morning, at random parties across the width and breadth of Belegarth. But hey, no big deal. After all, the only point of the Knights, way back when, was to poke satirical fun at the thought of hey, what if like, everybody and their brothers and sisters became knights? lol, I know, hilarious right! (oh my god nevermind, comedy has become reality look at this freaking liiiiiiist!!!!!)

But, as an ominous post script, the Knights of Wildwood ASSEMBLED once more at a recent Oktoberfest. Is this a harbinger of the return of King Kingsford and his noble order of totally not fake knights?? Stay tuned.

*Question: Are you doing this to be disrespectful to "real" Knights?
*Answer: Absolutely not.

*Question: Why would you - what are you guys trying to accom... I mean, really, come on.
*Answer: Yeah, we know. Bring it. =)

Cuttin' 'em short one at a time. -- Sir Cumcision

" Bring da noise!" -- Sir Round Sound

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