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Chaos Wars '07 Picture by Crynolyn
Armageddon 6 Fizzball Tourney

Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Whereabouts: Unknown

Skorr is a vagrant swordsman who claims to be a time-traveler. He says he is from the future, where he is a shogun musketeer and a king of Peace. He is notorious for saying and doing whatever he pleases without regard to consequences or authority, which he calls "living free". Apparently it is part of some "Yóuxiá path" which he uses to justify his reckless rebelliousness and refusal to acknowledge his superiors as such. He has been declared a threat to the order and the peace, and has been branded an outlaw. All attempts to capture him have been unsuccessful.

Communication attempts have met with mixed success, ranging from insults and hostility to pleasant, largely coherent conversations. He speaks of foreign and dangerous concepts and seems to confuse the difference between right and wrong, thinking that he has the right to question the decisions of authority. He has deluded himself into thinking that he is a positive force fighting for freedom and truth. As he is obviously insane, it seems unlikely that he will ever reconcile with civilized society. He appears to be increasing in power and must be dealt with before he causes irreparable damage to society.

Several possible weaknesses have been considered. One popular theory is that he is inebriated all the time, sometimes severely. Investigators have not been able to confirm this due to inexplicable disappearances. A small number of reporters have described encounters with a Zombie Skorr, though no conclusive evidence has ever been found. He himself has spoken of a weakness to a weapon called "Bullets" although no historian has ever heard of it so it is assumed to be more of his deluded gibberish.

Also Known As:
Skorr Hellhammer
Yoritomo Skorr
sk'Orrtagnan the Instigator
Old Dirty

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