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Ames, Iowa

Tir Asleen symbol
Propaganda supporting the Eriador Alliance.

Total Members: 30
Typical # at weekly practice: 15-30
Founding Member of Eriador

Realm Officers

  • Aelin - President (Kobold Overlord)
  • Bellator - Treasurer (Steward)
  • Sylph - Secretary (Archivist)
  • Darvax - War Council Representative


  • Tuesday 7-10 P.M. - Parks Library (Iowa State Campus, Spring through Fall)
  • Saturday 2-6 p.m. - Campanile (clock tower on ISU campus)

Current Winter Location:

  • Friday 8pm - 10pm in Forker 184
  • Sunday 12pm - 4pm in Forker 184

Annual Events

Units Fighting Regularly

Current Members with a Wiki Page:
Aelin, Akasharra, Argun, Ashera, Astera, Mekoot Atman, Bellator, Bones, Bonsai, Coat, Cynwrig, Mekoot Darvax, Digit, Dundee, Falkus, Frith, Galya, Hob, Ivor, Kyr, LORD STEVENSON THE THIRD OF ANTIOCH, Lupa, Murtagh, Nama, Oros Waercanim, Phoenix, Reeka, Qutar, Shiba, Sylph, Ulfgard, Verro, Vorago, Xipher, Zera

Former Members with a Wiki Page:
Aeschere, Alachi, Anara, Anglave, Argent, Arkka, Bar'Tok, Bhakdar, Sir Calarn, Caleidah, Chibi, Cian, Cyrano, Dacrid, Daelenn, Daria, Flounder, Guts, Güv, Inanna, Karkus, Kazi, Mekoot Kraylose, Lif, Mazer, Mynnix, Peter the Quick, Poeir, Raxis, Sigurd, Sipris, Telanar, Tova, Triv, Troll, Tyrael, Vaëc, Vengar, Xeo

External Links

Home Page: https://www.stuorg.iastate.edu/site/tirasleen

Visit our Facebook Group for more current information and updates: https://www.facebook.com/tirasleenswordfighting/

Mailing List: tirasleen@googlegroups.com

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