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Name: Daria

Realm: Frozen North, formerly Tir Asleen

Race: Dwarf

Fighting Since: 2013

Favorite Weapon Style: Spear, Archery, Knitting Needles

Events Attended:



Daria was born the daughter of a Dwarven king in the East. The king's twin sister was vicious and power hungry, and tricked a nearby town of humans into slaughtering the king and his wife by dressing up as the king and murdering several puppies and a baby. The humans couldn't tell the difference between the king and his sister, on account of her luscious beard, and after the assassination went to war with the Dwarves. One day Daria stumbled upon her Aunt, now Queen, discussing her evil deeds with a royal adviser, and attempted to deliver justice by parting the Queen with her head. Daria failed, on account of her poor swordsmanship, and was imprisoned and slated for execution until she escaped with the help of a sympathetic guard. After fleeing her home and traveling for weeks, she stumbled upon the realm of Tir Asleen when a goblyn knocked her out with a rock and dragged her into the bushes for dinner, then found her too hairy to eat. When she came to she vowed to stay in Tir Asleen and train until she had the skills to avenge her parents and take back her kingdom.

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