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Falkus is judging you. (Okfest 2017)

Name: Falkus

Race: Undead Lizardmen

Realm: Tir Asleen

Unit: Horde - Awakened at Armageddon XVI in the Year of Destruction

Weapons of Choice: Short Spear, Spear, glaive, anything that goes stabby stabby, Sword And Board, Florentine, Being a giant dumpsterfire

Lore: To be written by Dundee.

I walked into town like a nerd, and set everything on fire, like the dumpster fire I am.

But it's not my fault. Because I didn't choose to be a terrible dumpster fire. I just happened to light a spark, and it snowballed from there.

To be continued...

Dundee fucking stole this. The god damn monster.

He is my favorite monster.

Events Attended

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