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Lizardmen, also known as Lizardfolk, Lizardwomen, and Children of the Old Ones, are bi-pedal Reptilian humanoids hailing from the planet Kaab. The two classes of Lizardman are the Skinks, and the Saurus.



A Saurus Lizardman

Long before the time of the Lizardmen themselves, there were the Old Ones. Sotek, eldest of the Old Ones, and his progeny traveled between the stars and beyond for countless aeons. They witnessed other gods and their races come and go with with a sun’s life cycle - watched the other gods create worlds and planes. Sotek had five progeny; Chotec, Quetzl, Huanchi, Lazcotal, and Tepok. There was a great plan at work by the Old Ones, and they would create a race to be their children and have them be ever part of it. They came upon a barren and lifeless world they would call Kaab. They shaped the world to fit the needs of a new sentient race with dense jungles, rushing rivers, great forests, high mountains, sprawling plains, and aerid desserts, all surrounded by a great ocean.

This world became a new place to make their will possible. Sotek needing a creation unlike those before, and so created the cold-blooded reptiles known as Lizardmen and made them his children. From all shapes, sizes, and colors they came, and Sotek charged the other Old Ones with endowing a gift to them. Huanchi the Mysterious took the black as his favorites, as did Tepok the Wise revere green, Lazcotal the Unyielding took the blue for his kin, and Quetzl the Ferocious saw the red lizards as is own, and Chotec the Bright made whites his priests. Finally came Sotek, who took all these newly marked Lizards and instilled on them all the secrets of their known new world. The Children rose up in the jungle knowing the task laid before them and began fulfilling the wishes of their creators. These Lizardmen began building cities, developing mathematics, sciences, a writing system, and they flourished.

Other races could never comprehend the vast complexity, extensiveness and intricacy of what has happened, is happening and what would be of the great plan. An advanced society developed with many moving parts all working seamlessly together. White skinks of Chotec, chosen priests of Sotek, are the master architects of the plan for the lizardmen race and direct the effort. The brutish and tougher Lizards became known as the Saurus, the literal movers of Lizardman society through the use of their seemingly endless brute strength. The Saurus haven't quite the grasp of the Great Plan, but their natural and ferocious instinct makes them chosen of the Old Ones all the same. For seemingly endless years has this continued. Being true children of the old ones, Lizardmen age in a way unnatural to most living beings, they are not taken by natural death, reaching age in excess of several millennia.

For many years their jungles remained unharmed and safe from interference. The Old Ones left the world in the hands of the lizardmen to further the Great Plan. The Lizardfolk spent many peaceful years living under the directions left by the Old Ones. They mastered their planet, establishing an empire that crossed the whole of its lands and waterways. Other races could not contend or dispute and the ones that tried didn’t last.

Waygates were a gift from their creators and aide-mémoire. So resolute, symbolic, they spanned the world, connecting the cities. Priests connected new cities to others, but even they did not have the apprehension and intuition of the Old Ones. Others felt the ripples of power caused by the creation of new waygates, even far across space from other worlds, this would lead them to the Lizardman homeworld.

Times of peace would not last for the Lizardfolk. Strife came to Kaab, in the form of Chaos. A vastness that spanned the stars. Their cities were besieged from the very gates they used to defend themselves and move their society. Priests attempted to close the gates but avatars of the Chaos gods kept them open. A massive surprize coordinated attack came through the waygates all at once, the gates became doors to the forces of chaos. Armies poured from the gates, soldiers, winged beasts and infernal machines.

And so the lizardmen drove to war for millennia. The lizardmen fought daemons and all manner of other forces of chaos for years. Brick by brick, day by day losing ground as their temple cities were razed by a foe without number, their hunger could not be satisfied. Most of the cities were cut off from one another, leaving the lizardfolk to fight a war alone; daemons pushed them from the city out into the wilderness. The Old Ones, cognisant beyond comprehension, did not leave their children without design for such encounters. Great lizardman heroes emerged, spurred on by the need of the great plan and their people. Great were the heroes, even greater were their deeds and victories across the world. The soldiers of chaos were numberless but the Lizardmen would not be wavered. For every lizard that fell many more of the forces of chaos fell before them. Rallied, the children of the old ones drove back the stench that defiled their world. Temple by temple, garden by garden, pool by pool, purging chaos from their cities. Priests wrestled back control of the waygates of many cities and reconnected the waygates. Reclaimed cities aided ones still in conflict. Eventually only two cities were left to retake. The red city of Cuatilan in the shifting desert and the blue city of Tlaxtalan in the southern rainforest. With their cities retaken and chaos held up in in the city of Itza they decided to ensure it could not come back. They would push through the waygates and make it impossible for chaos to return. Many dauntless lizardfolk stepped through the waygates themselves to fight chaos at it’s very source. A rupture in the gateway caused by chaos lay waste to Itza and all the inhabitants as the lizardfolk stepped through. The gates did not lead to where chaos came from but instead flung the lizardfolk to all manner of other worlds to be marooned.

Some temple cities were leveled, or lay in ruins. Many survived and still continue, the tireless work of the Old Ones.

Slowly the lizardmen have adapted to their new world and have been able to find some connections to their homeworld and so know that it is still alive. Occasionally new lizardmen have the misfortune or ambition to travel through the old waygates and find themselves in this new world, bringing news of home.


Lizardfolk city.jpg

Lizardfolk live, for the most part, within or near six cities throughout their jungle home. The cities themselves are similar in design and concept, built around temples to the gods and catering to all the daily needs of the lizardfolk. Each city however is named after one of the gods and each city tends to impart particular ideas of how things ought to be done to each color of lizardfolk who live there. Itza, the city of Sotek, is the largest and the unofficial capital of the lizardfolk empire. Each city is populated by the many colors and kinds of lizardfolk, only slightly leaning in favor of the color of the god that city is named for.

Itza - The city of Sotek is the largest and sits in the center of the lizardfolk empire, centered on a great grassy plain as far as even sharp lizardfolk eyes can see. The city has the largest temples and all colors of lizardfolk flock to make their homes there.

Hexoatl - The city of Chotec is built deep within the dense jungles, hidden away from invaders, traders or even timid lizardfolk. The city is often in a state of religious fervor, sometimes spilling into the rest of the empire when zealous inhabitants travel with their divine messages.

Cuatilan - The city of Quetzl is on the very outskirts of the lizardfolk empire, placed there to protect the lizardfolk heartland from any invaders. A sweltering desert surrounds the city and harsh biting sand storms are common. Inhabitants are often the fiercest and bravest of all the lizardfolk colors.

Tlaxtalan - The city of Lazcotal is built upon the banks of a great river, in the heart of the largest rain forest. It is a city of travel and trade. River routes branch throughout the city to the rest of the empire. The city is known for its fine goods that are sent to the other cities as well as it’s hard working inhabitants who take pride in their home.

Athuax - The city of Tepok is located on the sea. They are the trading capital of the empire and known for their vast libraries of information collected from all over the world. Adventurous lizardfolk often set out from this city and can find like minded travelers here. The #Cult of Gems brims from this city.

Ataxa - The city of Huanchi lies hidden within caves in a deep and dense swamp. Only those who already know how to find the city have any hope of reaching it. Surrounded by perilous swamp water only of the sturdiest lizardfolk claim it as home. The city of Huanchi guards the entrance to the lizardfolk afterlife. [See: Death & Afterlife]

Each city is governed by a council of skinks, one of each color who are elected every ten years. The councils make decisions for their own cities, surrounding areas, and communicate with each other to best govern the lizardfolk empire. Decisions are made by a simple majority vote, each council member must vote in some way. In this regard no city has more sway than another. Lizardfolk who are outside the domain of their home empire tend to still make decisions in committee form.


Lizardmen look on the world with cold, emotionless eyes and expression. The younger-lived races left confounded by their stoic and impassive nature. They are part of a great plan, tirelessly working for it but value their individual strengths and independence from one another. Quieter than the other races they prefer to stand in the back and let the others do the talking. Preferring to think, evaluate, and reflect on matters. Seemingly unconcerned with other races affairs, schemes, wills of their gods or laws of the land.

They are deeply religious to their creators but don’t pray to them as others would for favor or divine intervention. They were given everything they needed before the old ones left them to their work and they continue it all the same.


Lizardfolk at Mel '18
Lizardfolk at Armageddon '17
Lizardfolk at Okfest '19
  • Saurus

The Saurus are the primary troops of the Lizardmen empire. Having evolved from crocodiles, they are the largest, strongest, hardiest creatures on the planet of Kaab. They are the greatest athletes in Lizardman society, far exceeding most humanoids in strength, fighting prowess, and natural instinct - including skinks. Saurus rarely have the patience or motivation to manage and build society, but can have extremely tactical minds and serve as great generals. A saurus always wins, even when one loses.

Current Saurus: Rotten, Abel, Thalin

  • Skinks

The Skinks make up the majority of the Lizardmen race. They maintain authority over the lizardfolk empire, and also serve as the architects of society. Skinks are the intelligence, forethought, planning, and cunning behind all of lizardfolk society's advancements. Their intelligence is superior to other humanoid and monster races, they are physically superior and far sexier as well.

Current Skinks: Lob'o, Mekoot Darvax, Dalany, Hob, Limfao, Vaec, Falkus, Coat, Wilk, Vorago, Murtagh, Astera, Varg,

Skink & Saurus Coloration

The color of a Lizardman's hide indicates his position in the society. Most Skink and Saurus are blue-skinned, signifying that they will be another vertebrae in the backbone of Lizardman society.

  • White:

This is the color of spirituality and zealousness. Those marked with this color are said to be prophetic and touched by the very hand of Sotek himself. White Lizardmen usually go on to be tribal chieftains, priests, soothsayers, and spreaders of the divine word of Sotek. Think of them as Lizardman evangelists. They have been known to work other Lizardmen into a wild frenzy with their words.

Appearance: White Lizardmen, being typically more spiritual than the rest of the society, tend to don cloth-heavy garb. Robes, skirts, and priestly mantles are typical of White Lizardmen--along with a heavy emphasis on religious artifacts, jewelry, and other knick-knacks befitting of a religious zealot. They are not as armor-reliant as other colors, choosing to armor only a small portion of their bodies in exchange for accessories. Weapons typically carried are pointy staves, daggers, and maces.

--Current White Lizardmen: Lob'o, Dalany, Thalin

  • Red:

This is the color of battle and ferocity. The Lizardman born with this color already has his destiny laid out before him. He is a soldier - a cold-blooded, merciless killing machine. He is always on the front lines with whatever weapon he can get his scaly hands on. Red Lizardmen have no fear and only have the will to destroy the enemy. They are the chosen warriors of Sotek, protectors of jungles, and the guardians of the temples.

Appearance: Red Lizardmen take a more practical approach to gear. Red Lizardmen have enough sense to armor their bodies, but not to the point of immobility. A Red Lizardmen knows that any engine of destruction needs some form of protection. Battle harnesses are a commonplace among Reds, as are fully-armored arms and even some leg armor. Reds like to reach a balance between self-protection and mobile destruction. Weapons befitting of a Red Lizardmen include greatswords, greatclubs, greataxes, glaives, and dual-weapons.

--Current Red Lizardmen: Mekoot Darvax, Falkus, Coat, Xaros

  • Blue:

Blue is the color of masonry and stoicalness. Blue Lizardmen are the most common, and serve as the backbone of Lizardman society. Their duty is to protect the sanctity of the ancient world, if that means maintaining the society or taking up arms in battle. Typically Blue Lizardmen are the masons of the society, which also makes them the weapon masters. There isn't a single weapon the Blue Lizardmen can't use effectively, making him a valuable asset on the field of battle.

Appearance: Blue Lizardmen, being weapons masters, have no set place on the field of battle. However, when a role isn't needing to be filled elsewhere, Blues are typically put on the front lines with the biggest hunks of wood they can find and a set of armor that would make a Black Orc blush. Blues believe in the motto "more is better" and attempt to gather up a piece of armor for every body part while also seeking to throw a wall in front of it. In this role, Blues are typically found moving a one-handed weapon around a heavy shield.

--Current Blue Lizardmen: Murtagh, Lupa, Varg

  • Green:

Green Lizardmen are the more scholarly type, seeking to know everything there is to know about Lizardman society and lore. They are the masters of all things ancient and are privy to all Lizardmen gods, not just Sotek. Although their interests mainly lie in matters pertaining to lore, they aren't exactly uncommon on the battlefield. While they aren't front line fighters, they are very crafty and quick-witted on the battlefield. They move in and out of lines when using melee weapons and are usually the archers of the society.

Appearance: Green Lizardmen seek to maintain their mobility at all times. Being archers and skirmishers means their main goal is rarely being a target while dealing a maximum amount of damage at the longest range possible. Maintaining a distance from the enemy is rarely achieved while covered in armor or lugging around a piece of wood. That isn't to say Greens never wear armor or use shields, it's just they would rather drop something than have it be a potential damper on their mobility. Typical armament includes bows, arrows, javelins, and light one-handed weapons.

--Current Green Lizardmen: Hob, Limfao, Wilk

  • Black:

Black Lizardmen are warriors under the God of stealth, Huanchi. They are typically the hunters and gatherers of society. They tend to be even more cold-blooded than your standard Lizardman, which is hard to grasp, I know. They are notorious trackers and the same goes for the battelfield. Black Lizardmen never, ever fight on the front lines, and are always looking for an opportunity to catch someone flat-footed and off their guard. It is rumored that Black Lizardmen naturally secrete a poison on their hides with which they use to coat their various weaponry.

Appearance: Black Lizardmen tend to take on a more chameleon-like appearance than the rest of their brothers. Always attempting to achieve total stealthiness, Blacks remove any items attached to them they may go "clang clang" while not necessarily removing all accessories. Naturally Blacks want to maintain a fast enough movement to catch unwilling victims before they can react, but armor is usually worn in sensible moderation. Typical weaponry includes light shields, one-handed weapons, daggers, and javelins.

--Currect Black Lizardmen: Vaec, Rotten, Vorago, Astera, Abel


  • Coloration

A Lizardman's color makes up most of his garb. However, they can be liberal with shades of said color. A Blue Lizardman wearing teal is not out of the question. A general and overall theme is kept as it pertains to color. A Lizardmen is well aware of his position and prefers to flaunt it.

  • Headgear

There remains no standard for Lizardmen in this department. Naturally, anything that covers up hair and/or looks tribal is welcome.

  • Shirts/Tunics

Lizardmen are not uniform in this area outside their prospective color. Lizardmen typically don't wear much clothing above the waist. Lizardwomen wear a variety of tops; all sleeve lengths, dresses and vests are common.

  • Pants/Loincloths

Loin cloths are a requirement for all Lizardfolk. Much work, care, and detail goes into the construction of a loin cloth meaning no two loin cloths are ever the same. Lizardfolk immerse themselves into their loin cloths--they view them as blue prints for their existence and the source of their power.

  • Accessories

This is highly encouraged in Lizardman society. Anything tribal, Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, lizardly, etc. is acceptable and encouraged. Accessorizing to the point of inconvenience is welcome.


A Lizardmans various strengths and weaknesses will differ depending on his breed and status within the Lizardman culture.


While there do exist opposite genders of Lizardfolk within the society, they rarely mate due to their life spans being so long. A natural need to mate usually only occurs after a great war where Lizardman numbers have taken a dramatic hit. Females will lay their eggs deep inside the ancient temples in areas known as spawning pools where the eggs will incubate and hatch on their own. The specifics and details are not know to any outside of the Lizardman race itself.


Religion plays a prominent and important role in lizardfolk society. Lizardfolk believe in the lizardman pantheon and forsake all other gods. The Great Plan set forth by the gods influences every lizardperson, and through their deeds lizardfolk seek to please the gods.

Lizardmen Pantheon

  • Sotek: Great Old One, Creator of the Lizardmen, God of Anger
  • Chotec the Bright: God of Fire, Sun & Life
  • Quetzl the Ferocious: God of War & Protection
  • Huanchi the Mysterious: God of Night, Shadow & Death
  • Lazcotal the Unyielding: God of Earth & Stolidness
  • Tepok the Wise: God of Air, Knowledge & Writing


Lizardfolk often subscribe to one of a few cultish beliefs that exist in their society. These cults often dictate specific religious sentiments, champion particular fighting styles, emphasize certain scholarly thoughts and generally create a whole philosophy for a lizard persons lifestyle.

Cult of Gems

This cult talks of the gods as beasts of the forest and revers them in precious gems. The cult was originally founded by Lobo, and operates primarily in the city of #Athuax. Many fervid inhabitants of that city profess their dedication to this cult and its tenants. They tell the following story as their view of the gods and the world of Kaab:

The Old Ones fell to the earth, which was barren and lifeless. Every gemstone known to intelligent life took shape as a massive creature, taller than the tallest mountain. Chotec the Bright was made up of milky quartz and took form as a giant howler monkey, causing the earth itself to crack under the pressure of his immensely loud howls. Quetzl the Ferocious was made up of carnelian and took shape as a massive wild boar, quick to anger and lash out at his enemies. Tlazcotl the Unyielding was made up of lapis and was the largest of the Old Ones, taking the shape of a hercules beetle, a gentle, but stoic giant. Tepok the Wise was comprised of malachite and soared above the Old Ones as an osprey, striking with efficiency, precision, and intent. Rounding out the group was the great black onyx viper, Huanchi the Mysterious, lurking in the shadows, awaiting the prime opportunity to lash out. These five Old Ones banded together in an alliance as the primary colors and sought to lead the other Old Ones in the ways passed down from the greatest of the Old Ones, the chromatic Sotek, the great serpent. Sotek was from the first crop of Old Ones, made up of precious metals spread across the entire universe by the Ancient Ones. Their names have been lost, save for Sotek, who became the taskmaster for these latest Old Ones. Sotek placed the five primary colors in charge of shaping this barren world with mountains, ocean, rivers, forests, jungles, canyons, volcanoes, and ice caps. So they did as commanded and took dominion over the remaining Old Ones, which were made up of various other gemstones, such as tigerseye, moss agate, turquoise, amethyst, hematite, and practically every color known to lizard kind. Dozens of these Old Ones walked the earth, doing as commanded, until they grew defiant of Sotek and began questioning why it was they who took orders from the five rather than the other way around. Revolts led to all out war between the Old Ones, of which heavy losses and great destruction occurred. The five stuck together and emerged victorious, but not without having to smash all other Old Ones into tiny pieces, which scattered across the world, serving as a reminder of the defiance. Without these forces to assist them, the remaining Old Ones sought the creation of life itself as the next step, leaving the creations to their own devices and to enjoy the beautiful world left behind. The rest of this story is known, but the failure is also known. So after the creation of the Lizardmen, the Old Ones made the decision to rid themselves of this world and leave it in the hands of their latest creations. Ultimately seeing their work as a failure, the Old Ones destroyed themselves in a hail of gemstones that also scattered across the entire world. This is why Lizardmen collect as many of these gemstones as they can, to remember, gain wisdom, and perhaps hear the echoes of the Old Ones past. The spirit of the Old Ones shines through in the colors of the Lizardmen, expressed in the animal spirits of which the Old Ones took shape. White Lizardmen are the priests and shamans because Chotec was the loud and inspiring howler monkey. Quetzl the wild boar shines through in the heart of the every bloodthirsty red Lizardmen. Tlazcotl was patient and grounded, much like his blue Lizardmen, the backbone of society. Tepok was calculating and contemplative in battle, which is why the green Lizardmen take the more intelligent approach of staying behind the lines and firing arrows. Huanchi the viper infused the black Lizardmen with his cunning poisons and affinity for striking from the shadows.

Death & Afterlife

Death is not a frightening subject for lizardfolk. Their long lifespans make the afterlife a welcoming change for most. The afterlife spreads out much like their own empire in life, a parallel world with a great temple city at it's center.

The city of the dead is the entrance place into the afterlife. It connects to the physical cities of the lizardman empire through their graveyards. When a lizardperson dies, their body (or their loincloth if their body cannot be returned to a city) is buried in a graveyard with a simple ceremony led by a white lizardperson. This allows their spirit to enter the afterlife and live forever in the world of the dead. A lizardperson spirit cannot enter the afterlife without being properly buried inside a cemetery. It has been rumored that particularly holy white lizardfolk have consecrated ground outside their home empire to serve as graveyards for their fallen comrades who died far from home and connect their spirits back to the world of the dead.

Red Saurus
Blue Skinks

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